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San Francisco

Follow these suggestions for getting around the city.

Take the Train

Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART, or light rail) provides buses and trains in downtown San Francisco. Check for point-to-point directions and for fares and schedules. The famed San Francisco trolley cars make for a fun ride but they aren’t practical for traveling around the city.

Don’t Count on Cabs

You’ll have no trouble finding a cab at the airport and most hotels, but taxis aren’t nearly as available in downtown San Francisco as they are in other major U.S. cities. You may have to phone to get a taxi.

Prepare to Walk

Wear comfortable shoes. Even with the help of public transportation or a rental car, the layout and location of San Francisco sites ensure you’ll be walking a lot.

Bring a Coat

San Francisco weather is notoriously erratic—hot and sunny one day, foggy and dreary the next. “The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco” is apt commentary attributed to Mark Twain (and if he didn’t say it, he should have).

Pack Snacks

Tuck nutrient-dense bars into your purse or backpack for between-meal nibbling. Keeping hunger under control means less risk of dietary mishap and keeps everyone happier. This is particularly important when you find yourself waiting in airports due to unforeseen schedule delays.

Book a Refrigerator

Whether you stay in an allergy-friendly B&B or hotel, it pays to have a ‘fridge in your room. Stock up on safe, healthy foods (visit a natural food store or farmer’s market) for a quick breakfast or late-night snack in your room.

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