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San Francisco Dining

Use the Internet.

To get the most out of your restaurant experience, make reservations on and include a note about your special dietary needs to alert the establishment in advance. Website integrates and lists current hours of most restaurants in the Bay Area. For menus, check

Look for gluten-free menus.

Most establishments that cater to gluten-free diners are also sensitive to food-allergic customers. Waitstaff and chefs are used to special-dietary requests, so your chances for accommodation are better. Check the Bay Area Gluten-Free Meetup message board ( for the latest gluten-free offerings in the city.

Don’t assume.

Restaurants close, menus change, staff turns over. Always check with the restaurant before you arrive and again on site to make certain they understand your needs and can accommodate them.

Bring your medications.

If there’s risk of anaphylaxis, never, ever travel or dine out without proper medications. Check expiration dates to be certain medicines are viable. Note that the American Academy of Pediatrics now recommends carrying two epinephrine auto-injectors, not one, at all times. Have phone numbers of emergency services readily available and know the location of nearby hospitals, just in case.

If you aren’t comfortable, leave!

There are so many options for great dining in San Francisco. Never stay at a restaurant unless you feel comfortable that they understand your needs.

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