Editor's NoteDec/Jan 2011 Issue

The Road Less Traveled

Picture of a road full of snow

I live in the country where I’m reminded daily that farm animals are social creatures who do best when they’re part of a herd, pack or flock. You and I are also social creatures. Studies confirm that folks with relationships fare better than loners. Even cancer patients increase recovery chances when they enjoy close connections and participate in support groups. That’s why this magazine emphasizes helping each other and working together.

Community is important because a diagnosis of food allergy or sensitivity can feel isolating. Avoiding an ingredient that’s in just about everything (or seems like it) is a challenging adjustment, made more difficult when family members and friends don’t “get it.” It’s not just changing a diet. It’s refashioning a lifestyle. And that sense of disconnection can be felt most keenly this time of year when everyone is gathering together to celebrate over food.

This holiday season, you’ll find an encouraging and supportive community in our pages. Look inside for delicious recipes created specifically to meet your special dietary needs. Check out  classic Italian Christmas dinner and  traditional Hanukah latkes. To fortify and warm you during these wintry days, enjoy our nutritious soups and our protein-packed, fiber-rich dishes made with beans. If you’ve resolved to slim down in 2011, read our advice to help you do it safely and deliciously . And learn promising news about potential treatments for celiac disease—and a possible cure that’s on the horizon.

With all the festive spreads and party foods that you’ll be seeing in the days to come, living with special dietary needs is the road less traveled. Wherever that road leads you, bring us along to remind you that you’re not traveling alone.

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