Editor's NoteOct/Nov 2010 Issue

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Living Without Editor: Alicia Woodward, LCSW

We recently sent out a reader survey and got back a lot of positive responses. It was nice to read all the comments to “not change a thing” but we can always do better—and that’s our goal.

Many of you told us you wanted more of the magazine—more pages, more issues, more opportunities to network on our website as a special-diet community. We’re working on this.

There were also requests for more tips about safe dining out and for information about allergy-friendly travel destinations. Some of you wanted more advice about baking with alternative ingredients and cooking with substitutions. Some asked for simpler recipes, some asked for more low-cal dishes. And some wanted more articles about living without specific foods, such as corn, eggs, soy, yeast and others.

We got the message. We’ll be adding features in the future to address these topics and more. Look for articles to guide you when you dine out and where you travel. Look for a column for busy people (who isn’t?)—quicker, simpler ways to deliciously prepare your favorite foods.

But I digress. Inside this issue, we offer practical how-to’s for safely celebrating two big holidays: create a hassle-free Thanksgiving dinner (page 18) and throw a fun Halloween party (page 30). We bring you a primer for making gluten-free, dairy-free breads and rolls (page 50) and nutritious ways to savor the season’s freshest produce (46). In addition, we spotlight the ubiquitous soybean; read what’s behind the debate surrounding this common food allergen (page 40). And don’t forget to check out our money-saving coupons (pages 62 and 63).

My thanks to you, our readers, for taking the time to respond to our survey. We are delighted with—and instructed by—your feedback. Please keep those cards and letters coming! Working together, we make it easier to live well, living without.

P.S. Living Without’s Gluten-Free Holiday Guide is available on newsstands next month. It’s loaded with delicious gluten-free, allergy-friendly menus and gift ideas, just in time for your holiday baking and entertaining.

Comments (1)

Great Job! Aug/Sept issue DIY Breads. I had just purchased a bread machine and here comes an issue with great recipes I can use in the new machine. I have a suggestion - pull all the recipes from the magazine together in a yearly cookbook - just like Southern Living does. I'd buy the volume every year. Another idea, publish a collection of all the past recipes by group - cakes; cookies; etc. I'd buy all those too just to get rid of all the lose copied sheets in my baking drawer.
I do have a rant - recently purchased some cookbooks from the bookstore. One of them is a DUD! "Gluten-Free on a Shoestring Bakes Bread". So far I have made 4 door stops! They smell great and look delicious but are heavy and totally inedible. The neighborhood ducks won't even eat the bombs being produced following the recipes in the book.
I have been baking successfully for many years - and doing GF baking for 5 years with fantastic results. I have tried weighing all ingredients, measuring, following the recipe exactly. This cookbook gives GF Breads a bad reputation!

Posted by: Chef Deb, dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator | August 28, 2014 8:14 AM    Report this comment

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