Try itAug/Sep 2009 Issue

Living Without Favorites: Be a Love Bug: Organic Insect Spray


What’s not to love about insect sprays made with rosemary, peppermint, thyme and clove essential oils that deliver eviction notices to troublesome pests? EcoSMART Technologies’ organic insect sprays kill bugs fast but are safe to use around children and pets. They leave no pesticide residue—just a pleasant, natural scent with no chemical undertones. Designed for home and garden, EcoSMART offers specific and all-purpose formulas that target indoor and outdoor bugs, plus the insects chomping on your garden. The label on the garden product advises that you can spray and harvest on the same day. Most insecticides come with precautions; there’re no such warnings on EcoSMART. With this bug spray, the only ones to worry are the bugs.



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