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Gluten-Free Passover Baking Tips

Good Measure

For best results, use exact amounts called for in each recipe. Measure all ingredients carefully, particularly the potato starch.

Find Flavor

Look for kosher-for-Passover liqueurs in your supermarket in the same section as the Passover wines.

Sweet Substitute

Powdered sugar contains cornstarch, an ingredient forbidden for Passover. For corn-free powdered sugar, process equal parts tapioca starch and granulated sugar in a food processor until finely ground. Use in baking recipes.

Chill Out

For best results, margarine should be cold (from the freezer) when used in recipes.

Meal Time

To make gluten-free matzo meal, process pieces of oat matzo or Mock Matzo in a food processor fitted with a steel blade. For almond meal, process blanched almonds in a food processor or clean coffee grinder until finely ground.


Passover baking relies heavily on eggs – and lots of them. Beating egg whites provides leavening. To test if whites are beaten correctly, place a raw egg (in the shell) on the beaten whites. The egg should sink in only ¼ inch.

Stock Up

Keep an eye out for kosher-for-Passover desserts in supermarkets, Jewish groceries and natural food stores. Many are gluten free and now’s the time to stock up.

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