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Living Without Books: Back to Basics

Memoir, philosophy, political science, economics, poetic prose. They’re all rolled into one book about one of our favorite subjects—food.  Animal, Vegetable, Miracle—A Year of Food Life (HarperCollins) by award-winning novelist Barbara Kingsolver is a great armchair read and an inspiration to start a garden, even if it’s only a pot of herbs on your window sill. Moving her family from the Arizona desert to Virginia’s rural countryside, Kingsolver chronicles the “adventure of realigning our lives with our food chain.” The family mantra is buy it grown locally, grow it or do without. Imagine getting a husband, a teenager and an adolescent to agree to an entire year of consuming only locally grown food. Imagine breakfast: no orange juice, no bananas, no cornflakes, no coffee. Kingsolver takes you back to a period of time when people lived closer to the earth. Lots of recipes, lots of resources, lots of reading pleasure. Make a cup of tea, settle back and savor.

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