So GoodApril/May 2008 Issue

Honey Frosting

Crystallized honey, also called creamed honey, makes a delicious all-natural frosting. Purchase crystallized honey from your local bee farmer, co-op or grocery store. For potential immune system benefits, look for locally produced raw honey.

To make your own supply, mix some crystallized honey with ten parts liquid honey. The crystallization will spread throughout the liquid honey in a couple weeks. Stir as needed to move the process along, keeping the honey cool. You can enhance the honey by adding flavoring oil or fruit extract. Make sure what you add is gluten free and made with natural ingredients.

Crystallized honey can be spread like frosting directly from the jar. It also makes a tasty topping on toasted bread and hot pancakes.

For a quick alternative, try whipped honey. Beat liquid honey with a hand mixer on high until it gets a whipped texture, about 3 to 4 minutes. Refrigerate to get desired consistency. Spread and eat promptly. 

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