Editor's NoteOctober/November 2017 Issue

All About Noodles

alicia woodward

In this issue, we deep-dive into gluten-free pasta—how it tastes, how it holds up as leftovers, how much it costs, what it’s made of, where it’s available. You’ll find our comprehensive report in “The Best Gluten Free Pasta Brands of 2017”.

But before you head straight there, let me give you a bit of background. We started our pasta project fairly confident that we had an overall handle on the market. In addition, we had some notions about pasta types, which ingredients we’d prefer and which would perform best. As we gathered up all the different brands and products from around the country and overseas and sampled them carefully, some of our preconceived ideas began to fall away. The bottom line for our team of testers? Gluten-free pasta is much more varied, better tasting, less expensive and more available than any of us initially thought.

It was a huge delight to uncover this delicious surprise—and to share it with you.

This issue contains other surprises that you will enjoy. We found some exceptional gluten-free patisseries in Paris and we share a Parisian bakeshop’s recipe for authentic French Madeleines. We discovered Carol Fenster’s wonderful dessert recipes for small households. We recreated traditional spaghetti dishes into better-than-ever gluten-free meals. We cover the research confirming that, yes, adults can develop food allergies.

Back in the day when wheat pasta was all there was, the concept of noodles made with veggies and pasta made with lentils or chickpeas was, frankly, inconceivable. What changed that? It was our community’s serious and steady demand for better and more gluten-free food. That drum beat encouraged pasta manufacturers to broaden their thinking enough to create noodles made with ingredients other than wheat flour. Now there’s a vast array of amazing gluten-free pasta choices. What abundance! It’s feels good to noodle on that.

gluten free pasta survey

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