Soy Allergies

soy sensitivity

Soy Sensitive Symptoms

Symptoms of a soy allergy may be limited to one area of the body or may involve many areas. They can include flushing and/or itching skin, swelling lips and/or tongue, wheezing, shortness of breath, hoarseness or tightness in the throat, nausea and vomiting, colic, abdominal cramps and diarrhea. Fatal, anaphylactic reactions to soy have been reported but are rare. Symptoms can occur within minutes to a couple hours after soy is ingested.

Beef Bone Broth Recipe

Making your own beef bone broth is not difficult. The key is to use high-quality ingredients (grass-fed beef and fresh, organic vegetables) and to have the proper cooking equipment (a large stainless steel or ceramic-lined cast iron stockpot, a strainer, a ladle and storage containers) on hand. Consider making a large batch and freezing it in 1- to 2-quart glass containers and BPA-free ice cube trays for easy access when you need it.

Gluten Free Foodies

This special section brings together four young chefs, all enrolled in Johnson & Wales University’s renowned College of Culinary Arts, and five fantastic gluten-free, allergy-friendly products. The result is these fresh and innovative recipes.

We’ve Got Allergy “Issues”

I was diagnosed with gluten, dairy and soy allergies last year and I’m wondering if you know of a diet I could go on to lose weight. Is there a gluten-, dairy- and soy-free plan I could follow to lose about 20 pounds? Does such a thing exist?


Dana Wallace, MD, allergist and past president of the ACAAI, compares taking antihistamine during anaphylaxis to taking pain medication during appendicitis. The pill might relieve the pain but it won’t stop the appendix from rupturing. Antihistamine helps reduce itching and hives but it won’t stop anaphylaxis.

Eat Out Gluten Free!

Navigating the restaurant scene when you or your child has food issues can be daunting. It makes you want to hole up in the safety of your kitchen and never leave. So we asked Paul Antico for his insider tips. Father of three children with severe food allergies (tree nuts, peanuts, eggs, sesame, dairy), Antico is founder of AllergyEats, a comprehensive online guide to allergy-friendly restaurants across the United States. He gave us the usual advice for dining out safely—research the restaurants in advance, read the ingredient list of any items on the menu you’re not sure about, avoid eating out during peak hours, watch out for buffet lines (due to likely cross-contamination). Then he shared these seven additional survival tips:

Gluten-Free Grill Out!

Lounging on the patio, enjoying a warm breeze and a few extra hours of daylight is surely one of summer’s pleasures. And what better way to top off a carefree evening than a delicious meal from the grill? These gluten-free recipes pair simply grilled chicken, pork, beef and salmon with quick and tasty sauces made from summer fruits and vegetables.

Gluten Free & More’s Favorites: Ancient Superfood

It’s said that Aztec warriors were nourished by chia. These tiny seeds are a superfood packed with Omega-3s, protein, calcium, iron, zinc, fiber and antioxidants. A delicious way to enjoy chia and a host of other fab ingredients is Mamma Chia Vitality Granola. Gluten-, soy- and dairy-free, one bowl in the morning provides 10 grams of protein, 1500 mg of Omega-3s and plenty of gluten-free whole-grain fiber. Wild Blueberry, Vanilla Almond and Cinnamon Pecan clusters offer healthy, wholesome variety., 855-588-2442

Living Without’s Favorites: A Good Mix

There’s a reason Blackbird Bakery has a list of loyal celebrity clients. It’s more than the fact that their flour blends are certified gluten-free and also free of soy, dairy, nuts and xanthan gum. Blackbird’s baking mixes—Biscuit Blend, Pie & Pasta Blend, Cookie Jar Blend, Donut & Fritter Blend—are full of superb taste and they’re quick and easy to use. Let’s talk about the Donut & Fritter Blend: It’s delicious and versatile. Not only does it make wonderful donuts and fritters, it delicately coats fried chicken and tempura shrimp and creates fabulous cream puffs and éclairs. One $8 bag yields four batches—a total of 48 large fritters.

Quick & Easy Gluten-Free Appetizers

The holiday season is typically filled with friends and family. When get-togethers at my house don’t call for a sit-down meal, I offer festive cocktails and a choice of cheery, warm hors d’oeuvres that I make ahead and pop in the oven right before the party. These delicious gluten-free appetizers require very little preparation, come together in minutes and can be heated (or reheated) as guests arrive. Having the ingredients on hand is most of the work. Before the holiday season, I pick up rolls of pre-cooked polenta to make Polenta Crostini, a good-quality pesto for Chicken Pesto Meatballs, and a supply of dried figs for Bacon-Wrapped Figs.



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