Living Without Books: A Diet for Life – Autism & ADHD Diet Book

The Autism & ADHD Diet, A Step-by-Step Guide to Hope and Healing by Living Gluten Free and Casein Free and Other Interventions (Sourcebooks, Inc.) by Barrie Silberberg is one mother’s story.

Vitamin B for Brain Fog

If you’re on a special diet due to food allergy or an autoimmune condition like celiac disease or Type 1 diabetes, you’re vulnerable to the impact of dietary restrictions on mood and cognition. Many of my patients complain about “brain fog,” a frustrating combination of lack of focus, forgetfulness and difficulty retaining new information. Sound familiar? Symptoms of brain fog differ from those of early dementia. It’s normal to forget where you put your keys; it’s a red flag if you can’t remember what your keys do. For many people with brain fog, B vitamins can make a world of difference in mental and emotional wellbeing.

Medical News: Hay Fever, Celiac Research, Autism Recovery and more

Hay fever can affect more than your nose. It also can impact your love life. A recent study by YouGov, a market research firm, on behalf of pharmaceutical company Schering-Plough found that almost half of people with hay fever symptoms become more irritable and that affects their relationships. The survey, which included almost 800 participants, suggests that hay fever sufferers feel less affectionate and have more arguments with significant others due to their symptoms.

Tender Touch: Autism and Massage Therapy

As a physical therapist assistant and massage therapist, I understand the importance of touch. But I never knew how crucial touch is to children with autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) until I began working with them on a daily basis. For these children, touch is more than casual contact. It signifies a level of trust and understanding that can only come through patience and diligence.According to the Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami School of Medicine, regular massage decreases touch aversion in autistic children and helps minimize stress and anxiety.

Adolescence and Anaphylaxis

A girl dies after eating Chinese food at a North Carolina shopping mall in 2005. A Massachusetts boy dies after one bite of a cookie at a friend’s house in 2006. A girl dies after consuming a burrito at a shopping center near her home in Esquimalt, Canada, in 2007. What do these tragedies have in common? Each fatality was a teenager with a severe food allergy. And none of the victims was carrying self-injectable epinephrine, the drug that might have saved their lives.



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