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gluten and peanut Nima Sensors

Gluten and Peanut Detectors by Nima

Nima has also introduced a peanut detection device, a helpful tool for those with peanut allergies. These sensors provide welcome backup to your own due diligence.

The Best Gluten-Free Bars

We taste-tested more than 100 bars from 30 different companies. The following bars are worth noting because they offer a unique flavor or some other interesting attribute. The allergy info listed below is representative of the whole line of bars. For specific product details (GF certification, price, nutrition per serving and more) on the “unique flavor” bar mentioned, see our chart.

Considering Colleges When Gluten-Free

This past spring, FARE launched its Food Allergy College Search tool to help families find detailed information on how colleges handle food allergies and gluten-free diets. The database, which initially launched with 40 schools, has drill-down information on allergy-safe options, cross-contact procedures, staff training and roommate accommodations.

Gluten-Free Cake Mixes: Have Your Cake and Eat it Too!

We stirred, baked and tasted our way through lots of gluten-free vanilla and yellow cake mixes on the market and discovered there’s a lot to celebrate. The only thing better than the aroma of these freshly baked cakes (and cupcakes) is the taste! Get ready for low-stress birthday parties and other special occasions. These mixes are super easy and quick to prepare and they produce amazing results. They can also be made using egg substitutes and dairy replacements. Here are some of our favorites.

Gluten Free Foodies

This special section brings together four young chefs, all enrolled in Johnson & Wales University’s renowned College of Culinary Arts, and five fantastic gluten-free, allergy-friendly products. The result is these fresh and innovative recipes.

The Latest News in Food Sensitivities

People with food allergies know that dining out can be nerve-wracking—and risky. A recently published survey of restaurant staff reveals that while many are more knowledgeable about food allergies than customers might think, there are still some key areas that could use brushing up.
pumpkin slices

Easy Gluten-Free Pumpkin Recipes

Don’t limit pumpkin to Halloween jack-o-lanterns and Gluten-Free Thanksgiving pies. This gorgeous gourd is worthy of much more attention. Loaded with vitamins and nutrients and low in fat and calories, pumpkin is both healthy and delicious. This year, expand your thinking and take advantage of pumpkin’s rich offerings. Try these scrumptious ways to include America’s favorite fall fruit in your menu planning.

Peanut Patch

When Sharon Wong’s 8-year-old son developed hives, puffy eyes and difficulty breathing while sitting next to a friend who’d eaten peanuts hours earlier, it was alarming. The potentially life-threatening reaction—anaphylaxis—was traced to a tiny amount of peanut residue left on the friend’s clothing. Until then, Wong hadn’t realized just how severe her son’s peanut allergy was. How would she ever keep him safe?

Gluten & Your Baby

A recent landmark study showed that infants fed peanut products early in life—as early as four months—had dramatically lower rates of peanut allergy. Would a similar strategy curb celiac disease?


Dana Wallace, MD, allergist and past president of the ACAAI, compares taking antihistamine during anaphylaxis to taking pain medication during appendicitis. The pill might relieve the pain but it won’t stop the appendix from rupturing. Antihistamine helps reduce itching and hives but it won’t stop anaphylaxis.



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