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We’ve Got Gluten-Free Issues: June/July 2017

I’ve been gluten-free and dairy-free for almost ten years, thanks to Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and general digestive issues. I mostly eat at home because I know what’s in my food and I just feel better. But I’m getting burned out in the kitchen. My go-to rice and chicken are starting to bore the heck out of me and I’m too uninspired to fancy it up. For a while, I was buying GF/DF frozen meals for lunch and dinner but I’ve found that eating so many frozen meals makes me sad. I know I should cook more often but it really isn’t my thing. Any suggestions?

A Gluten-Free Guide to Romance for the Newly Diagnosed

When you date someone, your special diet comes along. So it’s best to embrace this reality and take charge. Now that allergy awareness is on the rise and gluten-free is fashionable, you’re almost in style. Think of it as adding a few more things to your checklist when you plan an evening out. And plan you must if you want your date to go smoothly.

Happy Gluten Free Campers

With summer around the corner, parents’ thoughts turn to summer camp. Families with food allergies and celiac disease should start their research and selection process early and plan ahead to make sure camp is both a fun and a safe experience for their child.

We’ve Got “Gluten-Free Issues”

I’ve had celiac disease since I was in high school, so I’m used to navigating restaurants, the grocery store and most places I find myself when it’s time to eat. I recently started a job where I have to travel a lot, usually twice a month. The problem is I find myself in airports when it’s time to eat and there’s not a whole lot of celiac awareness going on. I realize airports aren’t known for their healthy options but I’m getting tired of living on nuts and fruit. How do I eat?

Fit Fitness Into Your Day!

These exercises are manageable ways to fit fitness into your day. Don’t get hung up on the number of repetitions or sets completed. Just aim for consistency and perform some exercise every day.

You Said It: How Do You Conquer Your Gluten-Free Clutter?

Instead of buying multiple flours, I buy one all-purpose flour blend that I use one-for-one in all my favorite recipes. I also keep gluten-free pancake mix and cornbread mix on hand. We don’t have any “regular” flour or baking mixes in the house, which also helps reduce the clutter. Our freezer has two pull-out drawers where I stock my gluten-free bread, English muffins, etc. The only time it gets cluttered is when I go crazy buying locally produced gluten-free baguettes!

We’ve Got “Allergy Issues”

As a celiac for over seven years, I’m finally getting this whole thing down. I’m someone who never cooked before I got this diagnosis but now I enjoy cooking (most of the time) and I’m proud of the gluten-free recipes I make.

Sex & the Celiac

Dating is a whole new world when you have to analyze every piece of food that you put in your mouth (not to mention kissing).* So how do you happily and successfully navigate the dating scene when you have food issues? It all starts with you.

Grab Your Partner: 6 Exercise Moves to do at Home!

Working out with your partner creates accountability. You’re less likely to make excuses if someone is depending on you to show up. It also provides motivation—you can cheer each other on. You may even find you’re pushing harder during your workouts.

Heart Health

Five years ago, Randy Humphries got up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and quickly realized he couldn’t walk. His left side was weak and his face numb. His wife rushed him to the hospital where doctors began emergency treatment for stroke. Not long after the stroke, however, his doctors discovered he was anemic. Further tests revealed he had celiac disease and then, to Humphries’ surprise, his gastroenterologist hinted at a possible connection between celiac disease and stroke.



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