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Soy Sensitive Symptoms

Symptoms of a soy allergy may be limited to one area of the body or may involve many areas. They can include flushing and/or itching skin, swelling lips and/or tongue, wheezing, shortness of breath, hoarseness or tightness in the throat, nausea and vomiting, colic, abdominal cramps and diarrhea. Fatal, anaphylactic reactions to soy have been reported but are rare. Symptoms can occur within minutes to a couple hours after soy is ingested.

The Best Gluten-Free Pancake and Waffle Mixes

Gluten Free & More editors tested gluten-free pancake and waffle mixes. Each made the mixes to their own dietary standards (for example, egg-free or dairy-free). Each mix was tested as either a pancake, a waffle or both. Samples were then frozen and reheated for the ultimate round of testing. After testing 71 mixes, we can tell you that many mixes are very similar. Those with non-traditional flours—like sorghum, buckwheat, coconut or almond flour—stand out for taste and added nutrition. Note that having too much of a unique ingredient can influence overall flavor.

Gluten-Free Pancake and Waffle Mixes: Which Brand is Best?

We set out to find the best gluten-free pancake and waffle mixes on the market—the ones with the best taste and the perfect rise and texture. We also wanted to find the top picks for those who eat vegan or grain-free and those who must avoid other common allergens, such as dairy or eggs. After weeks of tasting, what’s our conclusion? There’s a perfect pancake mix for just about everybody!

No-Sugar Super Treats

Comforting someone in need takes many forms. Sometimes the need isn’t clearly apparent and typical communication isn’t an option. This is often the case when a child is on the autism spectrum. I work closely with families on the spectrum and have presented cooking classes at the annual Autism One Conference for years. Over the past decade, the conference’s dietary focus has expanded from simple gluten-free, casein-free foods (GFCF) and the specific carbohydrate diet (SCD) to striving to understand and meet the complicated needs of each specific child. The parents’ tireless efforts to help their children never cease to impress and inspire me. After a long, exhausting day of cooking and presenting at last year’s Autism One Conference, I ran into a mom and her son in a hallway. I had watched this boy grow up over the years. Now in an adult body, he was still unable to communicate in a traditional manner. Travel and the unfamiliar surroundings were taking a toll and he was agitated and hungry. His diet was restricted to soft GFCF foods as he was healing from a difficult seizure during which he had bitten his tongue. My fatigue did not compare to what this family was experiencing. Returning to the family’s hotel room with food, I prayed that it would be comforting, nourishing and welcomed by the young man. Tiny steps, one bite at a time—and comfort was restored. The next day, he was peaceful. He kissed my cheek, the ultimate gift from a young person grateful for true comfort food. These treats are naturally sweet without refined sugar. Nutrient-dense, they promote wellness and they help bring comfort.

Ready, Set, Blend!

Summer might be a distant memory but that doesn’t mean now can’t be prime smoothie season. Crafted for wellness, these blended drinks will make you feel all cozy inside even in the grips of winter. Blitzing together the right ingredients can warm the body with a cornucopia of must-have nutrients for better health. Apples, avocado, sweet potatoes and warming spices provide plenty of flavor and comfort. So don’t give your blender the season off. Fight the winter blues with these feel-good smoothies.

Meals in a Bowl

Grain bowls are a yummy way to create easy, texture-pleasing, mouth-watering meals. Start with a gluten-free whole grain. Add veggies and beans. Top with cubed or sliced chicken, salmon, tofu, eggs or cheese. Generously drizzle with a flavorful sauce and throw on some crunch. Toss everything together like a salad or layer ingredients in a glass bowl for extra eye appeal. You can use all fresh ingredients or take advantage of leftovers. I save time by cooking extras on the weekend. Then I use these leftovers to quickly assemble healthy grain bowls during the week. These easy recipes (they’re menu standards at my house) guarantee filling, healthy, appetizing meals every time.

Premade Gluten-Free Pies: Best of 2017

We polled our readers about pie and over 1,200 responded. One reader said that she hadn’t had a slice in eight years because she couldn’t find a gluten-free pie that tasted like “real” pie. Over 70 percent told us they’ve never tried a premade gluten-free pie. More of us are buying a premade crust and making our own fillings. Almost 94 percent of survey respondents said they have used a prepared gluten-free pie crust.

Don’t Miss This! New Gluten-Free Products for 2018

Discover the latest and greatest of packaged gluten-free goods! We sample a ton of gluten-free products every issue and report on the best ones so you always know what the newest, tastiest, highest quality gluten-free foods are!

Gluten-Free Pasta Pleasure

Perk up your pasta! There’s so much more you can do with spaghetti than just add tomato sauce. The taste and texture of gluten-free spaghetti will surprise and delight you. We reworked four classic spaghetti recipes to take best advantage of the delicate nuances of different gluten-free pastas. Noodlicious!

Healing Herbs & Spices for the Gluten-Free Kitchen

Spices have been part of ancient cuisines for a reason, Doherty says. Many pungent spices have gastrointestinal and antimicrobial properties. For instance, ginger helps fight inflammation and also acts as an immediate digestive aid for nausea. Oregano and basil have antifungal properties and can protect against infection. Herbs and spices offer a bevy of health benefits, agrees Bethany Doerfler, MS, RDN, clinical research dietitian in the division of gastroenterology at Northwestern Medicine in Chicago.



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