Free2B Chocolate Chips

Free2B Gluten-Free Chocolate Chips

For allergy-safe and school-safe treats, turn to free2b Chocolate Chips. These delicious semisweet chocolate morsels are free from the top 8 allergens.
schar gluten free puff pastry

Real Gluten-Free Puff Pastry

You can now make fresh croissants, tarts and turnovers (or whatever-you-want in a blanket) thanks to Schar’s new gluten-free Puff Pastry Dough.
kitchenaid 7-cup food processor

Your New Favorite Food Processor

KitchenAid‘s new 7-Cup Food Processor is easy to use and, thankfully, easy to clean and store. Of course, it chops, purees, shreds and slices like nobody’s business.

The Best Air Fryers for Gluten-Free Fried Food

Craving crispy, crunchy fried food that's gluten free and celiac safe? Done! Today’s hottest trend in gluten-free living is the air fryer. This little kitchen appliance opens up a delicious world to everyone hungry for gluten-free...
dash compact air fryer

The Dash Compact Air Fryer

We loved the Dash Compact Air Fryer's affordable price and its small footprint, ideal for apartment living. However, the basket wasn’t easy to get back into the unit; we burned our hand trying to slide it in.
philips avance collection airfryer

The Philips Avance Collection Air Fryer

One of our favorites, the Philips Avance air fryer's Turbo Star design was created to circulate air more efficiently. It features a digital screen, presets and a knob to adjust time and temperature. It also pauses during cooking without needing to reset the timer. The high price tag may give you pause. Additional accessories (like double-layer racks, food separators, baking kits, grill master kits) can be purchased separately.
krups air fryer

The Krups Fry Delight Air Fryer

This air fryer worked great and produced terrific food. However, the Krups Air Fryer was the loudest unit we tested, with a knob timer that ticked loudly.
kalorik digital air fryer

The Kalorik Digital Air Fryer

A great unit! The Kalorik Digital Air Fryer comes with a dual-layer rack and stainless steel skewers, which are typically a separate purchase with other brands.
gourmia hot air fryer turbo xp

The Gourmia Hot Air Fryer Turbo XP

We loved the Gourmia Hot Air Fryer! When it comes to air fryers, Gourmia is top of the line, offering a range of units to fit every budget and need.
gowise usa air fryer

The GoWise USA 8-in-1 Air Fryer

We loved how quiet the GoWise Air Fryer is. And with eight built-in programs (warm, fries, chicken, steak, shrimp, pork, cake, fish), it’s a great buy. Its array of options and buttons were almost overwhelming at first.



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