Don’t Miss This! New GF Products for June and July 2018

Looking for dairy-free milk? Try Milkadamia, a delicious new plant-based milk made from macadamia nuts sustainably farmed in Australia. This milk delivers the unique flavor and sweetness of macadamia nuts for a satisfying cow-free glass of milk. It’s available in Original, Unsweetened Original, Unsweetened Vanilla and Latte Da (for wonderful dairy-free lattes). Soy-free and Non-GMO Project Verified, find Milkadamia in the refrigerated section at Walmart and select natural food stores.

Help! There’s a Vegan in My House: GF Ramen Edition

Has someone in your household gone vegan? You’re not alone. Vegan and vegetarian lifestyles and food choices are trending among millennials. They’re eating more plant-based meals than any generation before them. What’s the gluten-free cook to do when there’s a vegan in the house? Arm yourself with delicious and nutritious recipes like this one. You can keep the whole family well fed without doubling the workload.

Picnic Perfect GF Recipes

Summer and picnics go hand-in-hand and these fresh, portable recipes are just what you need for an easy, delicious meal outside. These salads need no meat or dairy ingredients—unless you want to add them—and they stay yummy when transported in a cooler. Slices of Lemon Pound Cake are a perfect solution for a no-fuss dessert—no plates or forks needed! Enjoy these easy recipes at your next outdoor gathering.

Gluten-Free Grilling Ideas for Summer Cookouts

Why be cooped up in the kitchen? These warmer days and nights are the perfect excuse to cook outdoors. And there’s almost no food that isn’t made better on the grill. Grilling is so versatile. Think beyond the usual suspects (burgers, hot dogs, chicken breasts) and use your grill to make tacos, salad and even soup. These recipes, which break away from hamburger’s long shadow, are guaranteed to get you all fired up.

Don’t Miss This! New Gluten-Free Products for April & May 2018

Gaea Veggie Bites are just that—vegetables cut into easy-to-eat pieces, deliciously marinated in Gaea olive oil and lemon and packaged in travel-ready pouches. Perfect for summer road trips and lunch boxes. A tasty new way to get your vegetables. Available in Carrot, Cauliflower and Gherkin.

Whole30 Diet Best Products

Whole30 is a popular 30-day diet designed to eliminate inflammatory foods and help restore health. Co-created by Melissa Hartwig and outlined in The Whole30: The 30-Day Guide to Total Health and Food Freedom (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt), the diet permits only nutrient-dense foods—lots of vegetables, some fruit and moderate amounts of meat, seafood and eggs. It does not allow grains, added sugars (including alcohol), dairy, legumes, soy or emulsifiers like carrageenan.

Following Hearts to Gluten-Free, Plant-Based Products

From egg-free mayonnaise to certified gluten-free breads, one thing is clear about Follow Your Heart, the vegan and gluten-free food company headquartered in Southern California. No matter the product, the leaders of the company follow their passion to create foods that meet people’s needs.

Ask the Chef: April/May 2018

I’m trying to make a birthday cake that doesn’t end up in the garbage. I can’t eat gluten, dairy, eggs, soy or corn. My greatest challenge is with egg substitutes. Can you help? It sure would be wonderful to have a cake for my big birthday celebration.

Spring Forward: A Fresh Take on Soups and Salads

Spring has truly sprung and it’s time to take a big breath of fresh air and welcome back a new crop of fresh finds at the market. Out with heavy winter food and in with lighter meals inspired by the season’s most delicious and nutritious fruits and vegetables. What better way to celebrate the season than with tempting soups and salads? Consider these recipes a springboard to working delicious springtime produce into your diet.

No-Sugar Super Treats

Comforting someone in need takes many forms. Sometimes the need isn’t clearly apparent and typical communication isn’t an option. This is often the case when a child is on the autism spectrum. I work closely with families on the spectrum and have presented cooking classes at the annual Autism One Conference for years. Over the past decade, the conference’s dietary focus has expanded from simple gluten-free, casein-free foods (GFCF) and the specific carbohydrate diet (SCD) to striving to understand and meet the complicated needs of each specific child. The parents’ tireless efforts to help their children never cease to impress and inspire me. After a long, exhausting day of cooking and presenting at last year’s Autism One Conference, I ran into a mom and her son in a hallway. I had watched this boy grow up over the years. Now in an adult body, he was still unable to communicate in a traditional manner. Travel and the unfamiliar surroundings were taking a toll and he was agitated and hungry. His diet was restricted to soft GFCF foods as he was healing from a difficult seizure during which he had bitten his tongue. My fatigue did not compare to what this family was experiencing. Returning to the family’s hotel room with food, I prayed that it would be comforting, nourishing and welcomed by the young man. Tiny steps, one bite at a time—and comfort was restored. The next day, he was peaceful. He kissed my cheek, the ultimate gift from a young person grateful for true comfort food. These treats are naturally sweet without refined sugar. Nutrient-dense, they promote wellness and they help bring comfort.



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