Back to School -- $9.95

Back to School

Your Childís 1st Day of School Should Be Fun, Not Frightening!

The first day of school is an exciting one for you and child, but for the parent of a child with food-allergies itís also one filled with anxiety.† Now, with Back to School: Tips for your Food-Allergic Child, youíll be fully-prepared to keep your child safe, by learning:

- How to plan ahead with the school
†(Your 1st meetings should occur months before the school year begins)
- Who - besides the teacher - you need to meet with
††(Start with the Principal)
- Tips on class scheduling
††(Request that your childís class is the 1st to eat lunch)
- Why itís essential that you address special classes and projects
††(Did you know that many art-class paints contain eggs?)

In addition, youíll discover how to teach your child confidence and empowerment (with a special section regarding teenagers and risk-taking), the importance of understanding your rights (and the 2 legal documents you should be familiar with), and if home-schooling is a viable option.

From the editors of Living Without, this eBook is a must read for any parent of a child with food allergies - whether they are a new or returning student.† Be prepared, and put your mind at ease. Download your copy today!

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