The Complete Guide to Living Well Gluten-Free -- $17.99

The Complete Guide to Living Well Gluten-Free

Everything you need to know to go from surviving to thriving!

Whether you avoid gluten for a serious medical reason or because you want the benefits of a healthier diet, you know that adopting a gluten-free lifestyle is easier said than done.

Living gluten-free takes planning, logistics—and conviction. You must read labels. Ask questions. Sometimes you have to tell teachers. You have to alert hosts and explain to guests. You know it’s all worth it, but sometimes you’d like a little help.

Here it is! This new book will help you navigate gluten-free living with aplomb. It will fortify you with knowledge and coping skills. It will reveal great GFF eating and dining opportunities and ready you to meet the inevitable challenges with resolve.

How do you handle a nonchalant waiter? An uninformed in-surer? Is it okay to fire your doctor? When do you test a child? How do you expedite a 504 plan with your school? What is the difference between celiac and gluten sensitivity? And what exactly is gluten?

The book will tell you. You’ll get guidance for setting up a safe kitchen. You’ll be warned of overlooked sources of ‘second-hand’ gluten. (It can be anything from a can-opener to a kiss!). You’ll discover the GF-friendliest cities, on-line money-saving shopping sites, ideas for kids’ parties and adult parties too!

Plus, you’ll get tips for meals with variety and top-notch flavor. You’ll get ideas for snacks, for entertaining, for foolproof baking, and a host of recipes for foods you never thought you’d eat again—from pizza and pretzels to birthday cake and apple pie.

Enjoy your gluten-free life to the fullest! Send for your copy of Living Well Gluten Free now!