Celiac Disease and Gluten Sensitivity -- $15.95

Celiac Disease and Gluten Sensitivity

A Special Health Report published by the editors of Gluten Free & More magazine in conjunction with Stefano Guandalini, MD, medical director of The University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center and one of the world's leading experts in celiac disease.

Don't let the challenges of celiac disease  rule your life. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with celiac disease, you know how simple things – like going to the grocery store – can suddenly become an anxiety-filled experience. But with Celiac Disease and Gluten Sensitivity, you'll not only discover the very latest medical research and information, you'll learn how you can thrive on your special diet. 

This handbook provides in-depth, up-to-date information about the symptoms, the tests, the treatment and work toward a cure--and, of course, the gluten-free diet. We've included a special section on the best substitute flour blends and how to incorporate them into your favorite recipes. Here's how to stay informed about the latest breakthroughs in celiac disease and gluten sensitivity, as well as help for living better and more confidently in your everyday life.