The Gluten-Free Italian Cookbook -- $24.00

The Gluten-Free Italian Cookbook

With this cookbook in your hands you will be able to create the dishes that are the heart and soul of the Italian table—from fettucine Alfredo to pizza Margherita…pasta e fagioli to fritto misto…from bruschetta to biscotti. All filled with taste.  And all without gluten.

As a celiac, author and instructor Mary Capone has lovingly reshaped more than 140 classic and family recipes into glorious, healthful, gluten-free alternatives.  These are dishes you can make quickly, but will want to linger over.

You will discover how to expertly make fresh, gluten-free pasta.  You’ll love Mary’s six-step recipe for better-than-wheat Italian bread.  And you’ll enjoy the convenience of make-ahead lasagnas, manicottis, cacciatore and more.

This is cooking that respects your time and your dietary concerns.   It is cooking that embraces the bounty of farm and sea.  It is cooking that is fun and creative.  It is cooking that will please your family and your friends. 

You’ll make and make again dishes like…

Roasted vegetable antipasto * Chicken parmesan * crusty

 popovers * Shrimp scampi * Wild mushroom lasagna *

Capone’s marinara * Lobster risotto * Cheese and spinach

ravioli * Cannelloni * Almond pear crostata * Tuscan tiramisu

So, buon appetito!   You know how wonderful Italian cooking can be—now see just how healthy and easy it can be—gluten-free.  Send for your copy of The Gluten-Free Italian Cookbook today.