Pacific Foods cream of mushroom soup
Photo Source: Pacific Foods

This time of year, Gluten Free & More becomes a hotline for baking and cooking questions. At the top of the list: “Where can I find dairy-free gluten free cream of mushroom soup?”

I get it. After all, what’s Thanksgiving without that ubiquitous Green Bean Casserole?  And how can you get there without a can of cream of mushroom soup.

gluten free dairy free green bean casserole
Gluten free dairy free green bean casserole photo by Jules Shepard

The green bean casserole dish was intended to be a simple one using Cream of Mushroom Soup, French Green Beans, and Fried Onion Rings and promoting the products necessary to make the recipe. But it’s always been so off limits for those of us who are gluten free. Add a dairy intolerance and this dish was next to impossible to recreate.

This Thanksgiving we can be thankful for the several commercial cream of mushroom soup products that are gluten free. Some are even dairy-free. Most are available at your local supermarket, too.

Gluten-Free Cream of Mushroom Soup Brands

  • Pacific Natural Foods Organic Cream of Mushroom Condensed Soup, contains dairy
  • Progresso Creamy Mushroom Soup (Vegetable Classics), contains dairy
  • Gluten Free Café Cream of Mushroom Soup, contains dairy
  • Health Valley Organic Cream of Mushroom Soup, contains dairy

Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free Cream of Mushroom Soup Brands

  • Imagine Creamy Mushroom Soup
  • Vivian’s Live Again Gluten Free Cream of Mushroom Soup Mix, dehydrated mix

    gluten free cream of mushroom soup base
    Gluten free cream of mushroom soup makes the base for green bean casserole – a holiday classic. Photo by Jules Shepherd.

Make Your Own GF Cream of Mushroom Soup

If you’d like to make dairy Free, gluten-free green bean casserole from scratch, you might like to try this one from our web site.

If you want to make a hearty cream soup without adding cream, there are several ways to create a “creamy” taste without using dairy. In many recipes, the simple substitution of coconut or almond milk in place of dairy milk will impart that silky, rich taste.

For those who can tolerate nuts, cashew cream (cashews soaked in water overnight, drained and pureed) is a rich, tasty substitute.

Don’t forget your veggies, too. Try simply pureeing the soup ingredients without adding any cream. Potatoes, cauliflower and carrots all add body and a creamy consistency to soups.