It’s crunch time for holiday gifts – are you ready? If not, check out this best buy that keeps giving – literally – to your gift recipient all year long. This could possibly be the perfect gluten-free gift.

Consider this – a gift that doesn’t just surprise the recipient the day they open the package. What if they could receive surprises throughout the year and think about you every time? Love With Food is a subscription gluten-free goodies box that we think is a great gift idea now and throughout the year for any occasion. When you purchase a gift subscription for someone, you’ll be a snack hero and they’ll get monthly yummies that can’t compare! Gifts are expensive to ship, but don’t worry because your order includes free shipping to US and its territories.

As a gift, you can pre-pay and order a gift for 3 months, 6 months, or a full year. Your lucky friend, family member, or significant other, will receive10-15 surprise gluten-free snacks each month in a beautiful red box that also doubles as a pretty great cat bed. Snacks will be totally gluten-free, organic or all natural, and with no artificial shenanigans The items included in the box will be both single serve and full size portions. 

If you, or your recipient, loves an item in the box, it’s easy to visit their website and purchase it online. As someone who’s been gluten-free, I can tell you that it’s really helpful to know that I can purchase something when I receive a sample of it. The worst is when you find the “best” new product, and can never find it again. Love With Food makes it easy to find, and keep, your new favorite products – monthly.

My last box included a full-sized meal kit from Modern Table meals that made a pretty delicious tuna bake. I received a sample of Date Lady dates, and loved them so much I rushed to the store to buy their pure date syrup. The package of Enjoy Life Foods mini chips went into chocolate chip cookies. The sample NoGii bar went directly into my purse in case of the hangries. The sample of Fusion Jerky Rosemary Citrus Artisan Turkey Jerky was gone before I could go online to find this jerky at my neighborhood store. On top of that, there were even more products that I haven’t dug into yet. Every month is a surprise. Every month can be Christmas.

But this gift doesn’t benefit you, the gift giver, or the person that you’re sending the box to. Each gluten-free Love With Food box donates two meals to hungry children in America. You can actually visit the website and see what organizations in your area benefits from your gift. Everybody wins. Everyone gets fed amazing food. What’s a better gift than that?

Sponsored by Love With Food