It’s 3pm and you have officially hit the afternoon lull. You’re getting tired, hungry, and are not so motivated to continue working. Some might say you’re even getting…well, let’s use the word cranky. Lunch was 3 hours ago and dinner is at least 2.5 hours away. You know your options in the vendor machine will solve the immediate hunger issue – but only temporarily. And while the bag of chips or sugary chocolate bar tastes good, you know it won’t feel too good later. So the question is: what should you eat?

I’m here to tell you a Stabilyze Nutrition Bar is what you should eat.

Now before you brush these off as “just another bar,” let’s dive a bit deeper into what separates the Stabilyze bars from other food bars.

The full nutrition roundup for the Stabilyze bars are:

–          Less than 200 calories per bar
–          12 grams of protein – the amount of protein found in two eggs!
–          All the minerals found in an electrolyte replacement drink
–          21 vitamins and minerals – similar to what you would find in a multivitamin
–          Sweetened with agave syrup
–          Pre-biotic fiber – the same amount of fiber as a bowl of oatmeal!

This list of nutritional highlights comes in sharp contrast with what most other food bars present to us. The factors most nutrition bars struggle with are:

–          Mediocre taste
–          Very high in sugar
–          Very high in calories
–          Soy-heavy
–          Relatively low in protein
–          Low in fiber
–          Not that filling

Each type of Stabilyze bar has great flavor, is super-filling because of all the healthy fiber and protein, and will NOT give you a sugar rush.

Stabilyze Nutrition Bars

Stabilyze Nutrition Bars were created by Innova Nutrition to go against what you think about a typical bar. They’re made to fill you up with good-for-you ingredients, without a sugar crash. Did I mention that they are also certified gluten-free? The Stabilyze Bars were created with a low glycemic index to help stabilize blood sugar, without the crash that many high-sugar bars give you. No sugar spike means no crazy insulin spike and subsequent “hangry” crash afterwards!

Stabilyze Nutrition Bars

These bars come in three tasty flavors: Dark Chocolate Coconut Cashew, Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup and Dark Chocolate Thin Mint Cookie. The bars are also very reasonably priced at around $2 a bar. All are made with different nut butters – peanuts, almonds, and cashews. They also contain whey as the primary source of protein.

Aside from being certified gluten-free, all of the ingredients are sourced from the USA and have no artificial colors or ingredients. So for only $2 a bar, you’re getting a nutrient-rich complete meal in a bar form! 

These bars are great for post-workout snacks, 3pm afternoon pick me ups, and meal replacements. Having kids, I want to be able to stay full and focused, with enough energy to keep up with my children all day without crashing. Stabilyze bars are also safe for children and can help give them a boost between meals as a healthy snack – a great alternative to a candy bar.

There are many nutritional bars on the market all claiming to be good for you, but when you read the label, you’ll find that’s not always the case. Stabilyze bars help meet the need for healthy and delicious snacks or on-the-go meals that do not give you a sugar crash during those hard times when you need the most help! Order a box of Stabilyze bars from the company website, Amazon, or find them in Costco or your favorite grocery store.


Pam Jordan


Pam Jordan is the creator of “I’m a Celiac,” a blog about living with celiac disease. In January 2011, Pam was diagnosed and shortly after began to write about her journey of living gluten free. As a working mom, she struggled to make good, healthy, gluten free meals every day. She writes about recipes, restaurants, travel and product reviews, and promotes the occasional giveaway. Her goal and hope is that people will read about her journey and find a story, recipe or review that will encourage them to keep living gluten free.