Going Gluten-FreeJanuary 26, 2011

Same Old Thing for Dinner?

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Posted by Alicia Woodward

It's late January and where I live, that’s the depth of winter. In fact, there’s an ice storm going on outside my window right now. Some people pull out seed catalogs and dream of spring. Some people plan a cruise to a tropical paradise. But if you’re like me and there’s no trip to the Caribbean anytime in the near future, the next best thing is to take a culinary trek south. Today, I’m talking south of the border.

This morning, I was working with cookbook author Mary Capone on a fabulous piece we’re featuring in our upcoming April/May issue. This is a So Good article full of fresh Mexican-style recipes for celebrating a gluten-free, allergy-friendly Cinco de Mayo. In the publication business, we’re always five to six months ahead of the calendar. In other words, I’m working on the best of May while sitting solidly in January. Going over these yummy recipes during an ice storm is not only making my mouth water, it’s totally making my day. Mary’s got these chocolate brownies--no gluten, dairy or eggs--made with cinnamon, vanilla…and chili peppers. I’m going make the darn photo my screen saver.

So here’s one way I’m getting out of my culinary rut. I’m doing some culinary traveling. Right now, there’s plenty of Latin sunshine--chili peppers and Mexican spices--on my computer screen. And tonight, I promise you, it’s going to be fiesta time in my kitchen.

What do you do?


Comments (6)

To Amanda: I share some of your food allergies and have been thrilled to re-discover Indian foods. They're so flavorful and healthy. I've added lamb to my diet, along with goat meat and some vegetarian dishes. A 5 qt. pressure cooker received as a gift has been wonderful, even though I'm not usually a kitchen gadget person. Not all Indian recipes have tomato in them, and when they do, I eliminate it or substitute some chunks of beet with a little extra water. I'm ok with like a Tbsp. of tomato paste in a recipe to serve 4-6 as long as I don't eat the leftovers the following day. If you can have citrus but not orange juice, (I can have chicken but not turkey), you can make nice marinades with grapefruit or lemon and/or lime juice and zest.

Posted by: sic2games | January 27, 2011 5:07 PM    Report this comment

I too have more than a grocery list of foods I must eliminate, or, at the very least, restrict amounts. After 4 years of intense, strict elimination and reintroduction to identify, including two years of avoiding to calm down my immune system, I know which I must absolutely Eliminate (gluten is top on that list) and those I Budget. For example, I must limit my intake of nightshades. When I make any thing with hot peppers in the recipe, I add the amount I know I can tolerate, then leave the extra hot sauce out for the rest of the family. I also have made two batches, one hot, one not, clearly labeling the one for me.

Posted by: sicl4015 | January 27, 2011 2:48 PM    Report this comment

I am also trying to convert old and new recipes into something appealing but have, along with gluten, eggs, dairy and soy, 50 other allergies to foods, and spices, some being, oregano, cinnamon, cumin, tumeric, cardamon, caraway, cayenne pepper, fennel, mustard, jalapeno pepper, thyme and vanilla.
I realize you won't have any easy answers for me, but the main question is about spices, for the warm rich flavors of cumin, tumeric, etc., is there an alternative?
Also, in place of vanilla.
Lastly, I too can't have cocoa.
Is there something that can be used as a substitute?

Posted by: Leslie S | January 27, 2011 2:20 PM    Report this comment

Thank you for the ideas! I have to go to the grocery store so will get some then and try it.

Posted by: Amanda W | January 27, 2011 1:51 PM    Report this comment

To Amanda:
We use ground turkey in place of ground beef. It works great for meat loaf, tacos and even burgers, you can add GF bread crumbs or tortilla crumbs to add a little more bite to it. I just got the Chevey's Fresh Mex cookbook and most of the recipes are naturally GF. Making Salsa Chicken tonight.

Posted by: ASHLEY CASTRO | January 27, 2011 1:26 PM    Report this comment

I have been trying to convert some of my old recipes to GF ones. Some have been great and others well lets just say not so great. My Dr. ordered diet is not only gluten free/wheat free but also includes none of the following: beef, pork, dairy, tomatoes, onions, oranges or orange juice and last but not least NO CHOCOLATE! I have been on this diet for 18 months now. It is very hard to find recipes and do new things with fish, chicken and what turkey I can find that is GF. I would welcome any suggestions!

Posted by: Amanda W | January 27, 2011 11:00 AM    Report this comment

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