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The power of “P” foods when cooking just isn’t your thing.

We have a running joke in our family when I serve foods that begin with the letter “P”. It all started when I’d travel for business, leaving my husband to cook for our young daughter.

Our daughter made a surprise appearance eleven years into our marriage! At that point in life, my career had taken off and we struggled with the decision of whether I should continue working, or stay home with our precious gift. Thankfully we found quality family (home) daycare and I made the decision to keep working.

Not only was I a working mother, but I was a working mother who also traveled for her job. While those trips were never more than a few nights away at a time, it presented challenges on many levels – not least of which were the dinner options while I was gone!

gluten free Pierogies
A bowl of homemade pierogies – almost nothing better!

My husband is a great guy, but cooking is not his thing. He’s often my sous chef and typically chief dishwasher, but the actual cooking was and is my “thing”. I truly enjoy cooking, so for me it’s not a chore.

But couple his lack of cooking strengths with the fact I was 100% vegetarian at the time and was raising our daughter vegetarian…Now he was really stymied. Since we were only talking a few nights every other week or so, he quickly developed stand-by options that satisfied both him and our daughter. Enter the “P” foods!

I’d ask what he made, and I’d hear “pizza”. Or another night it was “pasta”. And yet another night was “pierogis and peas”. I asked him if he was majoring in “P” foods, and it became the family joke. “What should we have for dinner tonight? – Something that starts with “P”?

Fast-forward and my daughter is a young adult living abroad and quite the accomplished cook in her own right (and still vegetarian). Pizza remains an all-time family favorite, so when the Gluten Free & More team announced they were doing an issue that was pizza-centric, we knew it would be a win-win.

GF Frozen pizzas
Oksana Charla

As a precursor to this issue, my husband and I attended a family wedding in San Francisco recently. My sister-in-law’s childhood friend has adopted the Paleo diet (yes, another “P” word – it’s destiny) and ordered cauliflower-based pizza crusts for dinner one night at home in the Bay Area as we decompressed following the wedding festivities. While Mark & I have had GF pizza crusts, this was our first experience with cauliflower crusts. We topped one with garlicky shrimp and spinach and a small amount of feta cheese (no seafood/dairy restrictions, as you can see). The other was topped with a variety of veggies and some cheddar.

OMG, amazing!  The crust was crispy, flavorful, and satisfying – I would serve this latest “P” food incarnation to anyone who loves pizza. (If you don’t love pizza, we need to talk…)

There are SO many yummy gluten-free pizzas available now. Whether you buy them prepared and frozen, or top your own GF crust, the options are limitless. Which leads me back to that issue of Gluten Free & More that is pizza-focused, because we make it easy: we literally review our favorite Frozen GF Pizzas – with Traditional AND Alternative crusts.

The issue (October/November) is about to go on-sale, so be sure to grab a copy while you’re at the store. This edition is sure to inspire you to cook up your own special letter foods, from “A” to “Z” (yes, “Z”) foods!