pumpernickel beer bread

Gluten-Free Pumpernickel Beer Bread

This recipe turns everything about gluten-free bread on its head - in the best possible way. The ingredients are crazy. The dough is wet. The loaf is huge and can be sliced thin. The bread is soft and pliable and stays that way for days. The eggs can be replaced in this recipe; see instructions included.

Gluten-Free Thai Carrot Soup

Over the fire, vegetables like carrots and bell peppers become even sweeter. Blend them into chilled soup for a riot of sweet, sour, salty and fiery flavors. Want even more Asian-style flavor? Stir 1 teaspoon of fish sauce (if tolerated) into soup before serving. If using thicker carrots, slice them in half lengthwise so they can cook through before charring too much on the outsides.

Cast-Iron Steak Dinner with Buttery Cauliflower Mash

This recipe is a foolproof way to hear “Now that’s a perfect steak!” Preheating the skillet is key, and cast iron is recommended—it gets hotter compared with other skillets, resulting in a nice sear. Ditch the traditional potatoes for this cauliflower mash; it delivers 75 percent fewer carbs and more vitamin C.

Ask the Chef: June/July 2018

Lots of alternative plant-based products are available and all are excellent one-to-one substitutes for milk. My favorites are coconut milk (the beverage) or almond milk (if nuts are tolerated). Soy milk, hemp milk, rice milk and oat milk are good replacements, too.

Help! There’s a Vegan in My House: GF Ramen Edition

Has someone in your household gone vegan? You’re not alone. Vegan and vegetarian lifestyles and food choices are trending among millennials. They’re eating more plant-based meals than any generation before them. What’s the gluten-free cook to do when there’s a vegan in the house? Arm yourself with delicious and nutritious recipes like this one. You can keep the whole family well fed without doubling the workload.

Gluten-Free Meals to Power Your Brain

Brain health is directly influenced by the food we eat, says psychiatrist Drew Ramsey, MD, assistant clinical professor of psychiatry at Columbia University. The author of three books on food and brain health, Ramsey is at the forefront of nutritional psychiatry, a science-based movement focused on the impact of food on mental health. His newest book, Eat Complete: The 21 Nutrients That Fuel Brainpower, Boost Weight Loss, and Transform Your Health, is dedicated to helping protect our biggest asset: the brain.

Picnic Perfect GF Recipes

Summer and picnics go hand-in-hand and these fresh, portable recipes are just what you need for an easy, delicious meal outside. These salads need no meat or dairy ingredients—unless you want to add them—and they stay yummy when transported in a cooler. Slices of Lemon Pound Cake are a perfect solution for a no-fuss dessert—no plates or forks needed! Enjoy these easy recipes at your next outdoor gathering.

Food Allergy Bullying

A classmate smeared peanut butter on his locker in middle school. A fifth-grade teacher threatened to give him a zero if he didn’t participate in a science experiment featuring peanut butter. A school parent ambushed him with an ultimatum: either sign a liability waiver in case he experienced anaphylaxis during a high school graduation party or don’t participate.

Gluten-Free Morning Smoothies

On nights when you’re steaming vegetables for dinner, pop in some extra carrots to use in this smoothie the next day. A cool treat for breakfast, it isn’t over-the-top sweet. The pinch of salt helps heighten the cinnamon and brighten the overall flavor, so don’t be tempted to omit it.

Don’t Miss This! New GF Products for June and July 2018

Looking for dairy-free milk? Try Milkadamia, a delicious new plant-based milk made from macadamia nuts sustainably farmed in Australia. This milk delivers the unique flavor and sweetness of macadamia nuts for a satisfying cow-free glass of milk. It’s available in Original, Unsweetened Original, Unsweetened Vanilla and Latte Da (for wonderful dairy-free lattes). Soy-free and Non-GMO Project Verified, find Milkadamia in the refrigerated section at Walmart and select natural food stores.


FNCE presentation with Tricia Thompson from Gluten Free Watchdog

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