Creamy Lemon Dacquoise Cake

This dacquoise combines things I love together in one delicious cake – nutty meringue and creamy lemon.

Mongolian Beef and Shishito Peppers

With a few ingredients and a bottle of San-J Mongolian sauce, you can have a P.F. Chang's remake in your own kitchen!
Orange and Cranberry Pecan Pancakes

Sugar-Free Orange Cranberry Pecan Pancakes

With these pancakes, I took the delicious combination of orange and cranberry and then I threw in some pecans for a little extra fall flair!
Chocolate Pudding Cakes

Chocolate Pudding Cakes

These chocolate pudding cakes show you just how fabulous baking with duck eggs can be. For a special and slightly different take, I like to top these with blood orange sorbet.

Sweet Potato Buddha Bowls

I love Buddha Bowls not just for their versatility, but there’s something so cozy and perfect about digging into a wholesome Buddha Bowl while curled up on the couch watching Netflix.
Herbed Ricotta Cheese

Herbed Ricotta Cheese with Ponzu Pickled Tomatoes

These ponzu pickled tomatoes are tangy, sweet, citrusy, with a little bite from the garlic and red pepper flakes. It makes the perfect topper for the creamy homemade ricotta.
Chili Cornbread Recipe

Chili Cheese Cornbread

What makes this cornbread unique is the addition of cheese and chilies, yet it’s still sweet with the addition of honey.
Keto Chocolate Cake with Brown Sugar Frosting

Keto Chocolate Cake with Brown “Sugar” Cream Cheese Frosting

This Keto Chocolate Cake is incredibly indulgent thanks to the butter, cream cheese, and sour cream and sweet thanks to the brown “sugar” from Swerve. I love the way the brown sugar flavor goes with the chocolate.

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Fresh juicy and crusty buddha bowl healthy meal with quinoa and green sprouts

Real Food

It got me thinking about real food and why that’s good for us. I’m guessing I’m like you: I want to feel my best, be my strongest. And I don’t want to spend a lot of time fiddling in the kitchen. For our bodies, the best fuel is real food and it’s the easiest to prepare.



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Pesto Potato Salad

Vegan Pesto Potato Salad

Celiac Disease and Cancer

Cancer & Celiac Disease