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Off to Camp

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Posted by Wendy Mondello

This past month, my 9-year-old son had his first-ever experience with camp. Joseph has asthma and is allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, milk, egg, soy, sesame and mustard. Sending him off to camp was cause for concern for me but, fortunately, it turns out I couldn’t have asked for a better inaugural experience.

Before this summer, Joseph had never expressed interest in attending camp. After all, he was usually busy during the summer months with tennis, indoor lacrosse and other activities. But when he heard about a Lego Mindstorm Robotics camp near our home and that he could spend a week building a Lego robot and learning to program it, his desire to attend camp skyrocketed.

I looked into the program to see how it would jive with his food allergies. The camp ran from 9 a.m. to noon each day, so the chance for food issues would be lower. I consulted the camp’s website where the camp organizer listed the schedule for each day. There was no snack time listed on the schedule. When I e-mailed him, he confirmed my assumption that there would be no food at the camp. Joseph was thrilled that he could attend a fun camp and not worry about being around unsafe food.

When I sent in Joseph’s registration, I included his allergy action plan, along with a sheet explaining how to use an EpiPen. I also talked to the camp organizer before the week started and asked if I could bring a box of wipes for the campers to wipe their hands off. He completely understood my desire to ensure that the campers didn’t have any allergens left on their hands from breakfast or a snack they had munched on in the car on their way to camp before touching the same Lego pieces and computer as Joseph. He had no problem putting the wipes at the door and reminding all of the kids to wipe their hands each day when they signed in.

Putting out wipes might seem like a small action, but it was a big deal for me. I was so thankful that they took me seriously and ensured the wipes were used. That hasn’t always been the response I’ve received in other situations, even when food has been present.

When we arrived on the first day of camp, I was happy that the teen running the camp and his mom were conscientious about Joseph’s allergies and the medication pack he carries. The 18-year-old girl who was helping out told me that she, too, has food allergies and was well versed in how to use an EpiPen. Her being there was a little extra bonus in making me feel good about my son’s well-being.

Joseph had an amazing week. He loved working with other kids to build and program their team’s robot, Lightning Bot. His team even won the competition on the final day of camp.

I’m thrilled that he was able to experience such an enjoyable, enriching week without having to worry about his allergies. Do you have a camp experience (good or bad) that you can share?

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Wendy, your son's multiple allergies, which are evidence of a compromised immune system no doubt influenced by vaccine damage, are unimaginable, even for myself. I was damaged in 1st grade by vaccines. I've spent my entire life dealing w/inflammation, asthma, and allergies from that set of shots which our family doctor attributed to the vaccines I'd received up to that time in my life. This set of shots proved to be the tipping point for me.

Back in the 50's and 60's, we did not have as many $hots as there are today (49 doses of 14 vaccines by 1st grade w/more planned). Mercury, in the form of thimerosol (49.6% ethyl mercury), peanut oil, msg, etc. are neuro-toxic to the immune system. When you introduce peanut oil, msg, or dairy, as in casein, which has also been implicated in allergic reactions, via an inoculation thereby bypassing the normal immune defense system (mouth, ears, etc.), you introduce into the bloodstream 'foreign invaders' as seen by the immune system which sets off a permanent auto-immune reaction. These animal and plant proteins cross through the intestinal wall thereby creating this auto-immune reaction similar to 'leaky gut syndrome'. A child' developing immune system is not designed to handle such antigenic proteins and an underlying, constant inflammatory state results. Brain inflammation (encephalitis) is often the case as the heavy metals in the vaccines, including aluminum and mercury (which is still present in many 'mercury-free' vaccines) migrate to the brain causing neuron damage. The vagus nerve connects the brain to the intestines and anything the child ingests is transmitted to the brain and chemical signals from the brain are transferred to the intestines via this pathway. Check out www.gutandmentalillness.com for more info.

Essentially, your son's immune system is damaged for life and no amount of allergy shots or OTC medication will reverse this damage. The best you can do to alleviate his suffering is to remove ANY gluten-containing products (wheat, rye, barley, triticale, spelt, etc) and casein (dairy) from his diet. He and you will notice remarkable improvements upon doing so. When I got off sugar, dairy, and gluten, my allergies/asthma substantially improved. Itching subsided, which would occur if I ingested chocolate, sugar, or wheat, and my asthma would be manageable. Thanks to vaccines, I also developed allergies at the age of 6 to eggs, wheat, corn, dairy, chocolate, nuts, grass, mold, pollen, and animal hair/dander. In our family, we never had a dog until I was in my teens and the dog was brushed and bathed frequently and had a section of the house he could live in so as to not aggravate my allergies/asthma. To this day, I am still sensitive to animals. Prior to this one particular set of shots in 1st grade, we had a dog, and I could pretty much eat anything. Eggs were deathly for me and I would go into anaphylactic shock upon eating ANYTHING w/even the slightest amount of egg. No b-day cake, potato salad, coleslaw, cookies, etc. for me until my 30's when I became more tolerant, thanks to changing my diet and working w/alternative therapies, which far superseded any allopathic medication I'd been on, and actually got to the origin or cause of my issues. However, vaccine damage is often irreversible so I do the best I can to be as healthy as possible.

I would highly recommend you not allowing Joseph or anyone else in the family to have any more vaccines. They confer damage to the immune system and the accumulative damage from the neuro-toxins and carcinogens contained within vaccine serum is permanent in most cases. Chelation, via glutathione and g-f and a casein-free diet can be helpful. Check out www.nvic.org (Nat'l Vaccine Info Center) or www.thinktwice.com for more info....best of luck to you!

Posted by: Unknown | July 12, 2012 11:20 PM    Report this comment

So thrilled Joseph had a great experience at camp. Thanks for sharing with all of us!

Posted by: Theresa N | July 12, 2012 8:10 PM    Report this comment

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