Looking for an app that gives you the flexibility and knowledge to confidently shop gluten-free? Now Find Gluten Free is an innovative app that can do just that! The app had previously only been available for iOS devices, but just launched for Android mobile devices in September 2016.

This app gives you the flexibility to access the gluten status and full ingredients lists  of thousands of store-bought products. . Have you ever found yourself wandering aimlessly through the aisles of the grocery store, frustrated and a little confused? Looking at products, reading labels and still not being sure if the products are safe for you to consume?

Now Find Gluten Free app

Now Find Gluten Free has worked feverishly hard to create a huge database that contains tens of thousands of gluten-free products. Thanks to digital technology, this information is instantly available at your fingertips. Wondering about the accuracy of the app? Now Find Gluten Free does not list any product that isn’t manufacturer claimed gluten-free or third party verified.The entire list is regularly updated with new products, and every product on the list is verified (Side note: always make sure you have the latest version downloaded!).

Now Find Gluten Free app

There are no in-app purchases, ads, in-screen pop ups or hidden fees with Now Find Gluten Free – only a one-time $4.99 cost. Your privacy is yours, quite simple. There are no extra emails, no sign-ins and no requests for personal information. What a refreshing concept in an app!

Upon opening the app, you are greeted with current gluten-free news, events and informational articles. This is especially good for gluten-free folks that are not always on social media to catch the newest, latest news about a product, an event, or news item.

In the top left hand corner, you can access the drop down menu. This menu gives you access to:

  • My List

  • Likes

  • Products

  • Brands

  • Categories

This is also where you can learn more about the app, visit FAQ’s, and find your settings.

If you are looking for a product, you can research a specific product by the product name, the brand name or in the categories section. When you find the product you are looking for, select the product by tapping on its name. This will give you the details of the product, as well as the ingredient list. In the details section you can find the UPC code and package type. From here, you can like/dislike the product and add it to your shopping list.

Now Find Gluten Free app

You can use the app at home to create a safe shopping list that you can then pull up on your phone while in the grocery store. While I’m more of a pencil-to-paper gal, it was refreshing to only take my phone in with me to the grocery store. As I put each item from the shelf into my cart, I tapped the “check mark box” to indicate you purchased that item. If your list is extra-long, you can tap the “clear purchased” button to shorten your list for an easier shopping experience.

This app aims to save consumers time, money and frustration while they are shopping for gluten-free items. Stay safe out there, and use Now Find Gluten Free to keep you healthy and sane while shopping!

Also, don’t forget to check out the Now Find Gluten Free website for tips, tricks, delicious recipes and much more!