thanksgiving leftovers
iStock / Getty Images Plus/ JodiJacobson

Fortunate is the person who finds herself with a refrigerator full of leftovers. It’s my favorite part of holiday cooking. In fact, I deliberately buy a larger-than-necessary turkey just to nibble on what’s left. Then when I’m finished picking, I use the bones to make soup.

The wonderfully rich flavor of roasted turkey can spice up an endless variety of savory dishes. But if eating turkey five days in a row is more than your family can appreciate, cube and freeze portions to use later. Store the carcass in the freezer, too, to make a hearty soup when you have the time.

I vary the use of my leftovers from year to year. Sometimes I sauté cubed turkey with onion, garlic and mushrooms, adding broccoli pieces and flat gluten-free noodles. I pour in some sherry or heat just enough chicken broth to coat the ingredients and top it off with grated cheese or a dairy-free cheese substitute. Other times, I sauté the meat with sliced water chestnuts, red pepper, mushrooms, pea pods and green onions. Then I add gluten-free soy sauce, sesame oil and broth (thickened with a little cornstarch) and spoon it over softened Asian rice noodles. Yum!

Leftovers can give you the freedom to have some fun in the kitchen. Use whatever ingredients are available to concoct whatever suits your fancy. What’s your favorite way to use holiday leftovers?