Going Gluten-FreeJuly 16, 2014

My Love Affair with Bread

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Posted by Beth Hillson


I’m a sucker for a good slice of gluten-free bread. I’ve professed my undying love on multiple occasions. When I was diagnosed with celiac disease (about 40 years ago!), decent bread did not exist. In fact, anything that resembled bread either crumbled to the touch or tasted like Styrofoam. So I really appreciate a good gluten-free bread.

My first Gluten-Free Pantry product was Favorite Sandwich Bread. It rose, domed beautifully over the top of the bread pan and did not crumble when I made a sandwich. I was so proud and grateful to have bread again. 

We’ve come a long way since the early days when I was diagnosed and even since the early 1990s when my sandwich bread mix was the bestseller in the industry. And we now have tons more tools--great alternative flours, better techniques for developing structure (think psyllium husk and flax meal), and bread machines that are programmed for our gluten-free breads.

As gluten-free bakers acquire more knowledge about baking bread without gluten, my quest for great breads continues. I keep ratcheting up my standards and trying new techniques and ingredients. I’ve added more nutrient-dense flours, used new and different starches and savored the wonderful results. 

I’m now using my bread machine as much as my oven to make fresh loaves. Side by side, I find very little difference between a machine-made loaf and an oven-baked bread. Frankly, the new machines make bread baking so much easier.  

You’ll find my latest creations, five bread recipes for the bread machine, in the current issue of Gluten Free & More. Don’t rule out these recipes if you don’t have a machine. They can be made in the oven, too. The article, “A Lofty Loaf,” tells you how to do that.

If you love bread the way that I do, you’ll want to give these recipes a try. And like me, you may find yourself waxing poetic over your gluten-free bread.  


Comments (1)

I have not had a chance yet to see your recipes but the trouble I find with most bread recipes is that they require eggs and I am egg sensitive. Flax meal does not seem to work for me. I have been making pie crust using flax meal in place of the egg and the crust is not flaky as generally promised but hard and tough. I despair of ever finding a really good, egg-free bread.

Posted by: Carolyn2725 | July 17, 2014 9:19 AM    Report this comment

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