Gluten Free Stuffing

Yes Virginia, there is a gluten-free stuffing mix. Actually, there are several of them! We’ve scoured the store shelves to find the gluten-free stuffing you need to try this year for Thanksgiving and Christmas!


OH NO! Did you forget the gluten-free stuffing? Don’t worry! We have so many gluten-free boxed (and bagged) stuffing mixes on the market, you don’t have to panic! You can wait until the last minute to buy and prepare safe stuffing this Thanksgiving and Christmas!

When you’re looking for gluten-free stuffing, look towards your favorite bread brands. Sure, you can make stuffing yourself by keeping gluten-free bread out on the counter for a few days to dry out and harden. But if it’s a few days before the big meal, and you’re out of bread – turn to the boxes!

Bread brand Three Bakers makes a great gluten-free stuffing that took home Best Stuffing in the 2018 Gluten Free Buyers Guide Gluten Free Awards. Certified gluten free. Contains eggs. ($10.99)

Aleia’s might be the most popular brand of stuffing around, as it seems to have a wide distribution into major grocery stores. Known for their gluten-free breadcrumbs and coating, their stuffing is equally impressive. It comes in both plain and savory varieties. Certified gluten free. Contains egg. Made in a facility that processes dairy, peanuts, and tree nuts. ($5.99)

Aleias Gluten Free Stuffing

Maybe fancy stuffing is more your style? Williams Sonoma‘s new limited time offer gluten-free stuffing is pricey, at around $20 for a box. It is large, at 16 oz. and claims to serve 16 people. Contains egg. Made in a facility with dairy and soy. ($18.95)

Williams Sonoma Stuffing

Don’t forget about store brands too! Sprouts just launched two different kinds of gluten-free stuffing for the holiday season. Certified gluten free. Contains egg. ($5.99 retail)

Sprouts Gluten Free Stuffing

Whole Foods Gluten Free Stuffing is made in a dedicated gluten-free facility. Contains egg. Made in a facility with dairy, soy, peanuts and tree nuts. ($5.49)

Whole Foods Gluten Free Stuffing

If you’re lucky enough to have an Aldi near you, you’re probably familiar with their LiveGFree brand of gluten-free products ranging from bars to hot pockets, to cookies – and now stuffing. This super affordable stuffing is available in both turkey and chicken varieties. Certified gluten free. Contains dairy and egg. ($3.29)

Trader Joe’s recently launched their gluten-free stuffing mix as a counter to their popular gluten-containing cornbread stuffing mix. If it’s anything like their other gluten-free seasonal products – you better grab yours fast! Contains egg, dairy, and soy.($5.99)

If you’re nervous about making boxed gluten free stuffing – don’t be! Our editor Beth Hillson shows you how to makeover your boxed stuffing and turn it into something beautiful! If you’re looking to DIY your own stuffing, Gluten Free & More has plenty of great stuffing recipes for you online – like this Wild Rice, Quinoa and Cranberry Stuffing!