Winter Fancy Foods Show 2018 San Francisco

Every year, Gluten Free & More Magazine visits San Francisco in January for the Annual Winter Fancy Foods Show. This is a trade show – where only trade (like media, buyers, suppliers, etc.) come to check out the newest products that are coming to market soon.

We love getting a sneak peek of all of the newest products, but we only care about what’s gluten-free, so we have to keep our head down and stay focused. It’s easy to get distracted from the wheels of cheese and vendors offering samples of freshly-shaved prosciutto. We’re here for gluten-free and we’ve only got three days!

Bubba's Fine Foods Winter Fancy Foods Show 2018

Needless to say, this isn’t a comprehensive list of the massive amounts of new products we saw this year at the show. However, here are just a handful of our favorite product picks!


Enjoy Life Foods Winter Fancy Foods Show 2018

Brody’s 579 – They just launched their Orange Blossom Muffin Mix that’s certified gluten-free and sounds incredible! 

Bubba’s Fine Food – These banana chips are not like any other banana chip we’ve ever tasted. Especially the buffalo spicy flavor – made vegan!

Cup4Cup – They’ve just launched several new mixes, including dairy-free yellow and chocolate cake mix, as well as a gluten-free cornbread mix!

Dang Sticky Rice Chips Winter Fancy Foods Show 2018

Dang Foods – New flavors of sticky rice chips are launching this spring including their new delicious Savory Seaweed! Can you do dairy? Try their new Aged Cheddar!

Goodie Girl Winter Fancy Foods Show 2018

Enjoy Life Foods – Don’t miss their new sorghum-based Grain & Seed bars, featuring purity protocol gluten-free oats! We also loved their “Sorghum 101” set-up at the show to show off this great ancient gluten-free grain!

Follow Your Heart – We can’t wait for the new vegan coleslaw sauce to launch – perfect for summer vegan/gluten-free picnics! We’re still waiting on their incredible vegan gluten-free pancake mix to hit the market, we think you’re going to love it too!

FORA – We were shocked by this vegan “butter” made from aquafaba – from chickpeas! Look for a Kickstarter from them soon! It was SO yummy, we can’t wait to get our hands on more! 

Hatch Chile Company Winter Fancy Foods Show 2018

Goodie Girl Cookies – They’ve got awesome new cookies, like their new Chocolate Creme sandwich cookies! We’re so happy to see Goodie GIrl Cookies at every Starbucks too – great to see gluten-free products available to the masses!

Hope Hummus Winter Fancy Foods Show 2018

GoodPop – They just launched an organic gluten-free vegan Cookies N’ Cream flavor, along with a vegan, gluten-free guilt-free version of a Rocket Pop! Popsicles can be fun AND safe!

Good Pop Winter Fancy Foods Show 2018

Hatch Chile Company – Love their gluten-free red enchilada sauce? So do we! But they just launched an organic version that will knock the proverbial socks off your next hot dish!

Hope Hummus – Don’t miss their brand new Buffalo Bleu Hummus – a great follow up to their Black Garlic Hummus they launched last year! I never thought I’d be eating a buffalo spiced bleu cheese flavored hummus, and like it – but it was perfection! 

Muffin Revolution – A new paleo, grain-free muffin just hit the market. All contain eggs, except their 24 Carrot Gold vegan flavor. We love the idea of a better-for-you gluten-free breakfast.

Sejoyia Winter Fancy Foods Show 2018

Purity Organic – The new Watermelon Sparkling Water is incredible, with no added sugar and 15% organic juice. We know that sparkling water should always be gluten-free, but we just can’t get enough of this new flavor.

Sejoyia Coco Thins – A grain-free cookie thin made from cassava and coconut. Grain-free seemed to be the new “it” label this year, but we still saw a lot of paleo and Whole30 too.

Winter Fancy Foods Show 2018 San Francisco


WASA – The popular crispbread crackers from overseas is now gluten-free, made with potato and amaranth. 

Winter Fancy Foods Show 2018 San Francisco


Wellnut Farms – It’s been a while since I’ve asked a vendor to buy their product straight off the show floor. They wouldn’t let me buy it, and I think that’s a good thing because after sampling I was desperate to take home a jar of the salted caramel dairy-free gluten-free walnut butter!

We saw thousands of vendors over multiple floors in the Moscone Center. You’ll see our favorite picks appears throughout the next year in our Don’t Miss This section of each issue of Gluten Free & More magazine!