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Gluten-Free in Savannah, GA

Savannah, GA, is a foodie paradise!

Savannah, Georgia, had always been on my bucket list of destinations to visit. Six years ago, a work associate and friend was getting married in Atlanta and an “ah-ha” moment entered my brain: tying a trip to attend the wedding into my wish-list to visit Savannah.

After a helluva good time at the wedding in Atlanta, we journeyed onto Savannah and loved it. The history is amazing, and SCAD – Savannah College of Art and Design – keeps the city vibrant with young, artsy people. Like many visitors to the low country, we decided to also visit Charleston – an easy distance from Savannah. OMG, the food in Charleston was to die for! We learned to appreciate the low country style of cooking and abundance of fresh seafood – not to mention the strong foodie vibe found at so many restaurants throughout the city.

Fast-forward a few years to when my husband Mark and I hunkered down in our home in the Chicago area for another brutal winter. I grew up in the Chicago area, and was no stranger to sub-zero temperatures. That first snowfall is always so beautiful, but after months of snow, ice, cold and – worst of all – gray skies, it had become tedious.

Time for another “ah-ha” moment: why are we staying here and enduring these winters? My job was portable, Mark was semi-retired, and Illinois taxes were through the roof. Our daughter had moved to Spain, and while we had plenty of family and friends in Chicago, we knew if we didn’t fulfill a dream of warmer weather, we might grow old and never do it.

Okay, okay, I’m getting to Savannah. After discussing many warm weather destination options, we kept being drawn back to Savannah.  Through various connections, we met people there, explored real estate, and felt comfortable making this area our home.

Being a foodie, I was concerned about the food/restaurant scene in Savannah compared to Charleston from our initial visit. But in just a few years, the food scene had exploded! There are new restaurants opening all the time, including an inventive plant-based place called Fox and Fig.

But what about gluten-free options in Savannah? Chicago is a huge city compared to Savannah and has embraced special dietary options at countless restaurants. Being a representative of Gluten Free & More, this is always a top-of-mind concern for my gluten-sensitive friends and guests.

Fear not: this beautiful city has not only exploded with regard to its foodie scene, but has embraced offering special dietary options in a big way. Do a search for “gluten-free in Savannah” and you’ll find tons of restaurant choices.

Stroll through the city’s historic squares, but please look up from your phone, as I know those gluten-free restaurants are calling out to you from whatever App you’re using.

Welcome to the Low Country!