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Summer is coming to an end, and many of us are celebrating. Yes, it will finally be cooler out and we can’t wait for fall and the holidays, but it’s also a new school year beginning. Parents are buying school supplies, backpacks and lunch boxes in droves. Shopping lists now include pencils, erasers, notebooks, and snacks. Back-to-school season also means back-to-lunch season. Parents everywhere are restarting the daily routine of packing healthy, flavorful lunches that will nourish their children.

We know that you’re looking for easy, and safe products to use in gluten-free school lunch boxes and school snacks.

When you live with food restrictions, packing school lunches can be a tricky task. But have no fear, we have been working hard to create lunch boxes that you can recreate for your children.  Our lunchbox ideas contain allergy-friendly gluten-free foods that children all across the nation love.

Each photo of a lunch box below contains a shopping list you’ll need to recreate this lunch box yourself using products from our impressive back-to-school sponsors.

What do you need to create this box:




What do you need to create this box:




What do you need to create this box:



What do you need to create this box:



What do you need to create this box:




What do you need to create this box:




What do you need to create this box:


As you can see, you can easily mix pre-packaged allergy-friendly items with fresh foods to create a delicious and satisfying lunchbox for your child. Stay tuned for more lunchbox ideas coming throughout July and August as we approach back-to-school! 


Back-to-School with Gluten Free & More Magazine

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