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Recently outgrowing a tree nut allergy (but not almonds), our frozen dessert world opened larger to include ingredients like cashews. One of the first items on my list to try was the Cashew Milk Frozen Desserts, by So Delicious® Dairy Free. My family has long been fans of this company and many of their products as they are very forward about presenting any allergies in the products – plus they taste amazing.

So Delicious® Dairy Free offers their line of Cashew Milk Frozen Desserts in several flavors: Cappuccino, Creamy Cashew, Dark Chocolate Truffle, Salted Caramel Cluster, and Snickerdoodle The creamy texture of these dairy-free frozen treats is simply amazing. While I sampled (and loved) all the flavors, If I had to pick one flavor, I would pick the Salted Caramel Cluster frozen dessert. The flavor and crunch of this silky cashew milk dessert is impressive. In addition to the decadent flavors, these frozen treats are Non-GMO Project Verified, certified vegan, and (of course) gluten-free.

Armed with all flavors of the Cashew Milk Frozen Desserts and some CocoWhip, I set out on the So Delicious® recipe page to see what I could create. So Delicious® offers up endless options for sweet and savory recipes on their easy-to-use site. My eyes landed on the frozen treat pie. The recipe calls for 3 pints of their frozen desserts and one CocoWhip. I decided to use the Creamy Cashew as the base of my pie, and topped the pie with two pints of the Dark Chocolate Truffle.

The ingredients of this recipe are quite simple and the instructions to make the pie are very easy to follow – that is, if you can contain yourself enough to not eat through the pints before your create the pie. 
While the steps to prepare this frozen treat pie are simple, they do take some time and planning. You need to allow 2 hours for each layer of pie to freeze before adding the next layer. As I was making the pie, it was sure hard to wait! I could just imagine the delectable frozen treat that was yearning to be eaten. I had to keep myself busy for the hours it was setting in the freezer. Twiddling my thumbs waiting just made me more hungry!

So Delicious Dairy Free

Here are the ingredients you’ll need for this pie.


Frozen Treat Pie Gluten Free Dairy Free


  • Place CocoWhip! in the refrigerator to defrost.
  • Blend together gluten free flour, sugar and cold vegan butter until crumbly.
  • Add water and mix into a dough.
  • Press the dough into a greased pie pan and bake at 375 degrees for 20 minutes.
  • Meanwhile, let first pint of frozen dessert soften until spreadable. 
  • Add to the pie plate, creating an even layer and freeze for at least two hours until set.
  • Soften the next two pints of frozen dessert and add to the pie, filling the pie pan evenly.
  • Freeze for two more hours.
  • Once set, add a layer of CocoWhip!, and garnish with chocolate shavings if desired.
  • Keep in freezer until ready to serve.

Tip: When you are ready to serve, let the pie sit out for 5-10 minutes. This will make it easier to slice. Remember, getting the first piece out is always the hardest!

You can view more mouth-watering recipes, just like this one, at the So Delicious® website. This post is sponsored by So Delicious!