I recently had a chance to talk to a newer advocacy group about their upcoming promotion to help food allergy awareness. Food Allergy Awareness Week is May 8-14th, and E.A.T (End Allergies Together) has put together a #DoYour17 promotion for the week.

So what exactly is #DoYour17? The Do Your 17 campaign is to pledge to do anything 17 times. You help raise money for a cure for the 17 million Americans affected by food allergies. Every dollar helps to fund research.

I asked a few questions to the founders of E.A.T about this campaign.


What made you think of the “17” promotion?

Kim Hall, founder, explained, “We were both advised when our children were first diagnosed with food allergies to ensure they were never defined by their food allergies. We wanted to encourage people to do what they love in honor of the 17 million Americans who suffer from food allergies. Do Your 17 allows for people to do anything 17 times, minutes, or miles to help raise money for a cure for food allergies.”

What do you personally plan on doing for the campaign? 

“Lindsay who is allergic to dairy, egg, peanuts and tree nuts is going to do a back flip with 17 friends in 17 seconds. Lindsay wants to do something she loves with her friends from the gym! I’m doing a 17 mile spin-a-thon with 17 moms and daughters for everyone with food allergies!”

Elise Bates, also a founder, stated, “My 9 year-old son, Ricky, will be throwing a football 17 yards and trying to “sink it” in a small bucket. My 11 year-old daughter will be shooting 17 basketball free throws with a famous basketball player.”  


That sounds fun! How can we help E.A.T. for allergy awareness for May and beyond?

Elise explained, “To support E.A.T., please visit DoYour17.com and set up your fundraising page. It takes less than 5 minutes to create! Then, from your page you can email your friends and family to sponsor you! Once you DoYour17, post pictures, videos, anything and let us know by including the hashtags #EndAllergies #DoYour17.

We’re still thinking about what we are going to do 17 times. What will you do to help raise funds for the #DoYour17 project?

More on E.A.T.

E.A.T. is the only independent organization solely focused on raising money for a cure. We will not venture into other activities as there are many other organizations focused on advocacy, education, awareness, support, and product development. Our only job at E.A.T. is to relentlessly raise money for food allergy research. We underwrite our administrative costs so that 100% of net proceeds go straight to the scientists working to find a cure. Researchers need continuous funding to accelerate the pace of clinical trials.

Questions? Send an email to: Info@EndAllergiesTogether.com


Erica Dermer, founder and head celiac in charge of Celiac and the Beast, started her blog because she felt like she had a new voice to bring to the gluten-free table and needed some celiac catharsis through writing. With a background in marketing and market research and development (including the food and beverage industry), she’s always had a soft spot in her heart for packaged goods, marketing, and branding in the gluten-free food industry. It also helps that she’s a self-proclaimed terrible cook, so she relies on many gluten-free products to help her get through her day without burning down the kitchen. She uses humor to get through her diagnosis and living gluten-free in a world full of wheat. She has partnered with her non-celiac significant other, who not only designs gluten-free themed merchandise for Celiac and the Beast, but is a key taste-tester for the brand.