Going Gluten-FreeMay 26, 2010

The Pleasures and Pickles of Summer

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Posted by Tom Charla

My family belongs to a local pool and tennis club in town and we really enjoy it. It gives my wife and kids a shady, cool place to go on hot summer days, and it’s a nice little community.

I just finished reading the club's spring e-mail newsletter, which details all of the upcoming events this summer. And boy, does it sound great! Sort of.

  • Memorial Day barbeque with commercial grade burgers and rolls?
  • School's Out Party with delivered pizza?
  • Fourth-of-July barbeque with hot dogs, cookies and cakes?
  • Kids' Social Night with ice cream and Lord knows what else?

We'll attend many of these events and bring our own gluten-free burgers, dogs and rolls to barbeque separately. No one will even notice, except us.

But it’s not just events at the pool club. Summer brings with it birthday parties, run-of-the-mill weekend barbeques and end-of-season soccer parties.

And all these events make us to do things that only the readers of Living Without would understand. For example, at one event last year, I carried around two gluten-free hotdogs in the pocket of my shorts waiting for the barbeque to get started. It was quite a pickle!

Do you have a silly story of your own to share?

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