Gardening season is upon us. If you haven’t already started your garden, now is the time to start planning and planting!

This year, why not try to grow something you haven’t planted before? There are many delicious fruits and vegetables to pick from. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, there is a nice selection of Asian vegetables that can be easily grown in your garden that will provide immense flavor in your kitchen.

When I think of Asian vegetables, I think of purchasing them at a local grocer, but this year I decided to grow them myself! While the names of these vegetables might appear exotic, the required growing conditions and care needed for them to prosper are similar to Western conditions. Some easy Asian vegetables to consider include: Japanese Eggplant, Asian Squash, Chinese Broccoli, Asparagus, Edamame, Bok Choy, and Snow Peas.

bok choy slaw recipe

For this recipe, we’ll focus on Bok Choy. This Chinese cabbage is also called Pak Choy. It comes in many different varieties. It usually has white or pale green stems. It seems to grow best in the spring and fall, as it likes more mild temperatures. If you live in a climate that is fairly mild, you can try growing this vegetable any time of the year.

Bok Choy is easy to harvest – you just pull the entire head from the ground. Whole heads of Bok Choy can be trimmed, washed and stored for about a month in the refrigerator. Bok Choy is a versatile plant that can be used many ways – perfect in salads, slaws and stir-fry dishes. With the help of our sponsor, San-J, we’re making a deliciously flavored slaw with Bok Choy.

bok choy slaw recipe

Orange Bok Choy Slaw Recipe


2 cups shredded carrots, thin, matchstick sized
2 cups Bok Choy stems (white part), thin, match tick sized
2 cups Bok Choy leaves (green part), rolled together, then diced
½ cup green onion (both the white and green portion), diced
¼ cup red onion, diced
1 Fuji apple, diced into matchstick sized pieces
1 cup fresh cilantro, diced
1 T fresh ginger, diced
½ cup San-J Orange Sauce

bok choy slaw recipe


1. Slice and dice ingredients as stated above.

2. In a large bowl, gently combine all ingredients except the San-J Orange Asian Cooking Sauce.

3. Once ingredients are combined, gently pour the San-J Orange Asian Cooking Sauce over the slaw ingredients. Stir until all the ingredients are well coated with the San-J Orange Asian Cooking Sauce.

4. Let the dish chill for 1 hour. While you can eat the dish immediately, letting the dish rest and chill gives the flavors a chance to marry and become more powerful.

5. Garnish with more cilantro, diced green onion or sesame seeds if you wish.

san j

Don’t limit yourself to the grocery store this summer – there are a large variety of vegetables that you can grow right in your backyard! Bok Choy, just one option, is great to grow and fantastic to cook with. Pair with an Asian Cooking Sauce from San-J to take your cooking up a notch!


cindy gordon

Cindy Gordon is the owner and author of Vegetarian Mamma and is a foodie who loves to blog about gluten-free vegetarian/vegan recipes. Her family also focuses on foods that are peanut-, tree nut-, dairy-, and gluten-free. They’re dedicated to finding/creating recipes and products that fit their allergy needs. Cindy resides in Ohio with her husband and two boys. She enjoys spending time with her family, the outdoors, gardening, wine, and cooking!