Traditional Easter sweets were never better with these tasty gluten free versions!

At this time of year, it seems we’re all scrambling to find reliable gluten free recipes for our favorite baked goods. The traditional Easter supper (or breakfast) shouldn’t be missed and favorite family recipes shouldn’t be avoided, just because you or someone in your family is gluten free.

I’ve gathered some of my favorite Easter recipes for you to choose from. You’ll find something for everyone in this compilation of diverse and delicious gluten free recipes.

gluten free Easter basket cupcakes


Let’s start with dessert, shall we?

Easter Lamb Cake is one of those recipes I had always admired. It wasn’t a tradition in my family growing up, but it is now! How adorable is this cake? Make it vanilla or chocolate, and decorate with frosting or shaved coconut the way I did in the photo. It was the perfect centerpiece and the perfect ending to our Easter supper! (Here is lamb cake mold I used.)

Gluten free Easter Basket Cupcakes are another new dessert recipe that my kids and I really have fun making. Use gluten free Peeps® or Sweet & Sara® vegan “peeps”, gluten free jelly beans, gluten free twisted fruit (most licorice contains gluten), colored coconut shavings, or any other creative addition you think of to decorate these cupcakes. They’re almost too cute to eat! Click on my recipe for how-to’s and for gluten free candy recommendations.

gluten free banana cream pie

Other tasty options include Coconut Cake, Lemon Cake Easter Egg Cake Pops, or a simple Lemon Cake or Lemon Pound Cake … all the traditional spring and Easter flavors come together best in cake, don’t you think?

My mother’s easy Coconut Pie has long been an Easter favorite, mostly because it’s hard to find an easier recipe that is more well-loved! This pie is a crowd-pleaser anytime, and no one has to know it only takes 10 minutes to throw together! I promise even if you’re not a baker, you can make this delicious pie. Trust me – you and your family won’t regret it!

My new gluten free Coconut Banana Cream Pie recipe has several more steps than the easy Coconut Pie, but it’s not hard – just takes more time. And again, this is an amazing recipe that will make even the banana haters in your family ask for a second piece. (See my recipe for details on how this insanely delicious recipe changes minds!)

Bread pudding and angel food cake also make delicious finishes for your gluten free Easter meal, which leads me to my next category.


gluten free hot cross buns

Hot Cross Buns are the traditional Easter bread favorite, and are remarkably easy to make. These beautiful buns can be glazed or left to stand on their own. A cross made in the tops with a knife before rising and enhanced by a drizzle of glaze reinforces the meaning of the meal.

My famous gluten free Challah recipe might seem out of place in this Easter roundup, but it actually is made as dinner rolls by many of my readers on Easter because it’s such a moist and delicious egg-bread, that it’s really hard to beat. Bake in popover trays or muffin tins or shape and bake on a parchment-lined cookie sheet to make the number of rolls you’ll need for your crowd.

Gluten free Cinnamon Swirl quick bread is an easy, sweet treat for your table. Or you could go with lemon muffins (think spring!), Strawberry-Rhubarb Muffins or scones — all easy to transport and go well with the meal at any time of day.

I also have great recipes for gluten free no yeast breads and dinner rolls, so if you need to avoid yeast, you can still have delicious breads on your table!


Casseroles like overnight French Toast Casserole,  Stuffed French Toast and potato casseroles are universally well-loved and easy to make gluten free, even the night before.

Try a new twist like Banana Buckwheat Pancakes or egg-free pancakes, or stick with favorites like traditional homemade pancakes or waffles — all perfect for brunch, as are doughnuts, coffee cake, cinnamon rolls of all kinds (I have 3 different recipes!) or even Monkey Bread. And yes, they can all be made deliciously gluten and even dairy free!

Don’t overlook easy favorites like gluten free muffins (lemon-berry, anyone?) and quick breads (my new banana-lime bread would be perfect!). They are great for breakfast and for munching as snacks between meals.

This occasion could be the perfect excuse for you to finally try making homemade gluten free bagels or homemade dairy-free yogurt. The possibilities are endless!

Other recipes to consider for your Easter meal include any kind of egg dish: omelets, frittatas, quiche with polenta crust or even crustless quiche,  deviled eggs, strata, … you get the idea!

peeps are gluten free

GLUTEN FREE Easter Candy

Check updated lists for the latest safe and unsafe Easter Candy for baskets and for decorating cakes. Good gluten free ones to keep on your Easter Bunny radar are M&Ms®; Hershey’s® Kisses; Jelly Belly® Jelly Beans; Starburst®; Tootsie Roll® candies including pops; Necco® Candy Eggs; marshmallow Peeps®; and Kraft® Bunny Marshmallows. Always avoid Whoppers & other malted candies, and check manufacturer websites for any other products you are unsure of.