Going Gluten-FreeMarch 27, 2013

Food Allergies with a Twist

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Posted by Alicia Woodward

Dr. Mike Pistiner and Dr. John Lee are top-notch allergy experts. They are also nice guys. They care a lot about their patients and the wider community--all those who have food sensitivities and allergies and their families.

About a year ago, John told me that he and Mike were launching a website called AllergyHome.org. Their mission was to educate and promote understanding about food allergies. The target audience wasn’t just families with allergies but their relatives, secondary caregivers, nurses, school staff, camp counselors, non-allergic kids and all others interacting with food-allergic, food-sensitive people. Today, AllergyHome.org is a terrific website where people can get the tools they need to educate their communities about food allergies.

John Lee and Mike Pistiner are both married and have little kids. They have demanding jobs and they volunteer extensively. I mean, these guys are busy. They created this website and its entire content in their spare time (read: late at night, on weekends, on their days off, etc.). Its content is free and available for everyone to use to promote allergy awareness and understanding. 

When I meet guys like this, I want to wave the flag and stand up and applaud.

This week, John and Mike started AllergyHome.org’s Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Awareness Facebook Campaign, tackling the very serious issues of food allergies with an engaging twist. The goal is to empower food-allergic adolescents and young adults--and to bring food issues into mainstream American consciousness. Check it out at Facebook/AllergyHome.


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