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Food Allergy Bullying

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Posted by Alicia Woodward

Has your child been bullied because of a food allergy or sensitivity? Have you? A new study, published online in the journal Pediatrics, suggests that the number of incidents of food-allergy bullying is climbing.

In this study of 251 food-allergic kids and their families, over 31 percent of children and almost 25 percent of parents reported bullying specifically due to food allergies. Bullying often involves threats with food. It was associated with increased anxiety and lower quality of life for the food-allergic children in the study, independent of the reported severity of their allergies. Parental awareness was linked with better social and emotional functioning in the child--but in almost half the cases, parents were unaware of the bullying.

Has your child been bullied, harassed or taunted because of his or her food allergies or sensitivities? Have you? Please share your experience with us.

To learn how to protect your child from harassment—and how to take action to stop bullying—click here


Comments (1)

Bullying is such a hot topic now that it has hit the mainstream, but truly, food allergy bullying has been a fear of parents for many years. My now 14 year old karate black belt son was put into lessons at age 5 as a tool to use against bullying. When he was three years old I spoke to a middle school aged boy who told me about being chased with peanut butter at school.

At that moment in time, I made the conscious choice to insure my son will able to protect himself. What we have learned along the way is that our son needs to be able to physically handle himself, but more importantly, learn how to educate his environment---starting with the adults who are responsible for the students in their care.

Posted by: Gratefulfoodie | January 17, 2013 12:03 PM    Report this comment

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