Corn dogs, churros, funnel cake, fried dough… sound familiar? Ah yes, the foods of summer fairs and carnivals – and yes, the foods we gluten-free folks have had to strike from our lives for good.

If you’re like me, you still remember how festival food, no matter how unhealthy it was, made you feel. It was a real treat and a big part of the whole experience.  And I miss it.

I have grown accustomed, over the years, to these foods being off limits to me. A little part of me, though, still longs for waiting my turn on a long winding line with the masses, finally receiving my food, and then eagerly biting into one of these forbidden treats.

Although I still go to these types of events, I must admit I search out the ones where the foods are less of the attraction then whatever else is being offered up. And when I do go, I make sure I eat before or pack my own food and treats so as not to feel deprived AND hungry. Being one is fine, but both at the same time—that’ll ruin the day (or night!) for me.

celiac epicurean food truck

Sometimes something comes up and you decide to just wing it and go. That was me the other week. My husband and I, very spontaneously, decided to go to an outdoor free concert in our town, part of Glastonbury, Connecticut’s free summer concert series. We’d gone to these in prior years and always packed our picnic basket and drinks. We go to enjoy the music, the company of friends, and the atmosphere of community that these concerts exude. Being in the moment, we ran out of the house with just two lawn chairs and a picnic blanket.  And yes, I was a bit hungry. Once there, the smell of the food from the food trucks wafting my way was making my stomach grumble.

In the past there wasn’t much gluten-free food available, aside from maybe an Italian ice or kettle corn, so we set out to get either of these. Then my husband saw it: a chalkboard sign that read “The Celiac Epicurean”, local, farm fresh, 100% gluten-free.  Oh my gosh! Jackpot! I couldn’t wait to get closer and examine their offerings. A 100% gluten-free food truck—I could not have been happier.

oksana charla

It’s times like this that I want to shout out and share with others, who like you, care about the same thing – quality gluten-free food – where you want it, when you want it.

I ended up opting for the sweet treat, a chocolate chip cookie ice-cream sandwich. I couldn’t remember when I last had one of those. “YUM!” Hands down the best chocolate chip cookie I had ever had. After that, the rest of the night was great.

Once home I googled The Celiac Epicurean to see what they were all about. Turns out they are the 1st 100% dedicated gluten-free food truck in Connecticut. They have a list of events where they will be at listed on their site. I’ve already picked out my next outing based on where they will be.  Next time I’ll try one of their locavore (farm-to-table) meal options. They pride themselves on local, farm fresh and 100% gluten-free food.  At the moment some of their offerings include the Epicurean Mini Meatball Grinder, Truffle Fries, Epicurean BLT, Caprese Sandwich and Sweet Potato Fries. To find out where they will be next you can go to their Facebook page.

glastonbury ct celiac epicurean

Share your gf happiness with the community. Whenever you come across any true great dedicated gf location, we need you to spread the word! Together, let’s make sure these businesses know we appreciate them…and let’s be vocal about our support to keep them going strong.

Together we can work to make all our gluten free lives better!

One last note: Make sure your next trip to a restaurant goes smooth as silk by keeping these gluten-free dining tips handy.

Oksana Charla is the Design Director of Gluten Free & More magazine.