Going Gluten-FreeAugust 12, 2014

Independence Day: Gluten Freedom

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Posted by Beth Hillson


Last month we celebrated Independence Day, aka the Fourth of July, marking the day the Declaration of Independence was signed.  That historical document paved the way for a democracy that has given us the individual freedoms that make us proud to be Americans.

On August 5th, we celebrated another kind of independence day, freedom from gluten.  That’s when the gluten free labeling rule took effect and millions of us who are seriously gluten free can be assured of our right to safe gluten free food.

For a segment of US citizens – 1 percent who have celiac disease and another 1 to 6 percent who are gluten sensitive – this is a big deal, a new freedom that has been a long time coming.

Happy 5th of AugustWe didn’t shoulder our muskets or fight by land and by sea, but we did wage a long and hard battle in Congress and with the FDA to make them understand the importance of this labeling rule for millions of us.  And, now we have it! This rule assures one medically-researched standard for all foods that say gluten free.  In essence, we no longer have to be concerned that manufacturers might  sell us  foods that contain no gluten ingredients but may not be processed free of gluten.  The gluten free labeling rule holds manufacturers accountable for making sure their gluten free products contain less than 20 parts per million of gluten. With this labeling rule, those of us who need a gluten-free diet can be assured that any product saying gluten free is safe for us.

Perhaps you were on vacation over the Fourth of July and perhaps you’ll be doing other things on August 5.  Like the Declaration of Independence, maybe this new freedom from gluten has already become  old hat for you.  (In anticipation of this moment, many manufacturers have been meeting and exceeding the less than 20 parts per million standard for several years.)

But I hope you will take a moment or two to reflect and appreciate our new found freedom, the freedom to be safely gluten free. And if you happen to have a leftover firecracker or two from the Fourth, shoot them into the air with a shout of victory.  This is indeed an independence day worth celebrating.


Comments (3)

This truly is great news. So what does that mean for things that are labeled gluten free but using the same equipment used to manufacture wheat/ gluten products do we still need to watch for them? Also does that mean they are Certified Gluten free? Or that they can claim gluten free?

Posted by: LynM57 | August 5, 2014 2:57 PM    Report this comment

Thank you for sharing I am so grateful to not have to worry about the products that I purchase. But what about the products on the shelf now? This is a new standard as of today for which I am grateful just don't want people to give up their guard to soon and pay the price.

Posted by: LynM57 | August 5, 2014 2:54 PM    Report this comment

This is so great Beth! I'm so happy about today and so thankful for people like you that worked SO hard to make today happen.

Posted by: CeliacandtheBeast | August 5, 2014 12:10 PM    Report this comment

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