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Back to School with Gluten-Free Bread + Snacks from Schar

Bring Schar, Gluten Free & More's back-to-school sponsor, home and into your lunch bags!

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Posted by Erica Dermer

If you’re looking for perfect Back to School treats, you’ve got to meet Schar, although you probably already have some of their products in your pantry! Schar is a staple brand in the gluten-free community.

Back to School Lunch Box Ideas featuring Schar

Started in Europe, Schar started their gluten-free line to retail in 1981, after starting in 1922. Dr. Schar USA (or just Schar to us) is known for their certified gluten-free bread, crackers, cookies, and pasta. Schar prides itself in gluten-free safety and reliability, with complete control of the grain cultivation from start to finish. Learn more about how they cultivate grains, manufacture, and test their products online.

Their extensive line of products is available nationwide in grocery stores and specialty retailers. They offer over 120 products. Visit the Schar website to browse their products. We think you’ll be surprised at all the products they make – we were!

Back to School Lunch Box Ideas featuring Schar

During our Back-to-School promotion with Gluten Free & More, we’re featuring the Artisan Baker bread from Schar. This gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free bread is available in three varieties – White, Multigrain, and 10 Grains & Seeds. If you need sandwich inspiration, check out their Filled + Stuffed Recipes online! While kids might love pizza toast, I know that we are drooling over the turkey, fresh basil pesto and provolone sandwich!

Back to School Lunch Box Ideas featuring Schar

Another fun lunch box snack is the Schar crostini! These are perfect paired with an easy spread like jam, nut or seed butter, or guacamole. Schar makes so many snacks that would work for lunch boxes – like Table Crackers and cheese, Honeygrams for mini-s’mores, or individually wrapped Sch’nacks! These little cakes are filled with cream and dipped in chocolate!

Back to School Lunch Box Ideas featuring Schar


Schar products are always free from GMO’s, made without chemical sweeteners, flavor enhancers, artificial colors, and are certified gluten-free. Please evaluate each product and read labels carefully for additional allergies or sensitivities.

Thank you to Schar for being a sponsor of our Back-To-School program! Look for Schar near you to complete your own gluten-free back-to-school lunches!



Managing editor Erica Dermer (edermer@glutenfreeandmore.com) is author of Celiac and the Beast: A Love Story Between a Gluten-Free Girl, Her Genes and a Broken Digestive Tract.

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We live out of town and Gluten free foods are really limited.
Would love to try your product.

Posted by: I would love to try the Choc. Thin Mint Cookies | August 18, 2017 10:40 AM    Report this comment

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