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2016 Winter Fancy Foods Show

Fun new products to add to your shopping list!

Our editorial staff traveled to San Francisco to check out the 2016 Winter Fancy Foods show. While this is not a gluten-free-only trade show, we were lucky to find so many great gluten-free products that are either on the market now, or will be ready for consumers soon! With more than 1,500 exhibitors from around the world showcasing 80,000 different specialty foods and beverages, there was a lot to see. But that’s not the only trade show on our list. In the beginning of March, we’re off to Natural Products Expo West. Expo West is even bigger than the Winter Fancy Foods Show. Last year, it hit over 71,000 attendees and is growing every year, with almost 3,000 companies exhibiting.

Lucky for us, the gluten-free market keeps growing and growing. More and more companies are launching gluten-free products, and gluten-free brands are expanding their lines to offer more products to us – the consumer. We spotted a few gluten-free friendly trends at the show that make us pretty excited about the upcoming year on our grocery store shelves!

Alternative Milks

Can’t do dairy? We’re with you! Lucky for us, non-dairy milk is taking trade shows by storm, with new brands adapting dairy-free products every year. Califia Farms introduced Better Half non-dairy creamer and Nut Pods launched into market, both creamers made from coconut and almond milk. Royal Hawaiian Macadamia Nut Inc., better known for their nuts, launched their full line of macadamia nut milk, in sweetened and unsweetened vanilla and original nut milk. Rebel Kitchen made dairy-free cool again with Coconut “Mylk” in chocolate, chai, and coffee flavors. Those of you that can do dairy, don’t worry – grass-fed dairy is still a huge trend with more retailers adding products regularly.

New Noodles and Plenty of Pulses

Pulses are the new kale – didn’t you know? Pulses, a group of edible seeds that grow in pods, are probably better known as beans, peas and lentils. Looking for lentils? Brands like Tolerant Foods and Explore Cuisine (formerly Explore Asian) are launching great lentil-based naturally gluten-free products. Chickpeas? Brands like Banza and Pure Genius are using chickpeas in items like pastas and even brownies!

Travel Cups For Oatmeal and Beyond

New and unique packaging is always a hit at trade shows, and things in a cup are gaining momentum.Purely Elizabeth launched ancient grain granola and puffs cereal cups. Bob’s Red Mill just launched a line of gluten-free oatmeal in cups with new flavorings. Modern Oats introduced new flavors of their certified gluten-free line of oatmeal like Vermont Maple.

Crank Up The Beets

Or maybe beets are the new kale? Rhythm Superfoods Beet Chips are launching this spring. These chips are available in Sea Salt, Naked, and Cinnamon and Coconut Sugar flavors and are certified gluten-free. Love Beets launched their packaged smoky-BBQ shredded beets that work on a sandwich or as a side. Beet colors are also being used as more and more companies (like Color Kitchen, a brand we’ve highlighted before in Gluten Free & More magazine) are transitioning to natural food coloring over artificial colors.

Easy Meats and High Protein

We are overwhelmed with all of the new jerky and packaged meats that are coming onto the market. Brands like Perky Jerky, Vermont Smoke & Cure, The New Primal, and Chef’s Cut Real Jerky all make it easy to get clean jerky fast. Pork, poultry, beef – whatever you’re looking for, you can find in gluten-free jerky form. Alfresco even launched uncured chicken bacon that is ready to eat out of the package! Wild Planet, known for their high-quality tuna, launched Organic Roasted Chicken Breast – in a can. It is so delicious and this makes it so much easier to just rely on your pantry instead of running out and trying to find a gluten-free rotisserie chicken or making your own chicken breast and shredding it. I’m not even going to get started on bone broth – it’s everywhere, including a company that is launching bone broth in K-cups so you can make it in your Keurig!

Turmeric and Spices Still Strong

Turmeric has been the “it” spice for a few years now. It’s showing up everywhere, from bottled water to tea, like Numi’s turmeric tea line or Uncle Matt’s orange juice. Other hot spices (no pun intended) include chai, sriracha, chile, and matcha.

Things We Also Love

And what else did we see? Too much to put it all down on this blog post, but here’s a few of our favorites!

These are just a few of the trends we saw, and there are plenty of new gluten-free products that aren’t on these lists. Be sure to follow us on social media so you can see all the trends (and more) as they happen, real-time, as we visit trade shows this season. We can’t wait to bring you the latest and greatest in gluten-free food!

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