Sunbutter Thumbprint Cookies

These cookies are dedicated to every peanut-allergic kid who wants to munch on a peanut butter-type cookie. Sweetened with honey, they’re soft and scrumptious.

Summer Lemon-Thyme Cookies

You’ll enjoy the synergy of lemony citrus with savory thyme. For delicious variation, use orange juice concentrate, rather than lemonade, in the cookies and icing. The egg-free version is flatter and not as yellow but tastes just as good.

Sweet Scottish Oat Cakes

Oats add extra protein, fiber and texture to these crisp cookies. You can’t eat just one.

Congo Bars

Congo Bars have a rich, butterscotch taste. If you can eat nuts, fold some in along with the chocolate chips for a bit of added protein and crunch. These bars freeze well.

Blueberry Cobbler Cake

Fresh blueberries make this picnic favorite extra moist and flavorful, in addition to adding fiber and antioxidants. This cake travels well.

Chai Spice Blend

Mix these spices together until well blended to make this chai spice blend.

Chai Frosting

This spice blend offers a delightful frosting possibility.

Classic Chocolate Frosting

Delicious gluten-free frosting for your gluten-free cake

Summer Picnic Layer Cake

This traditional layer cake will be the star of your outdoor event. Top with Classic Chocolate Frosting or spiced Chai Frosting. Serve with ice cream from the cooler.



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