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Living Without Books: Gluten-Free Galore

This impressive 700-plus page tome contains tons of recipes for gluten free breakfast, dinner and dessert that run the gamut from simple to sublime, with many noted as vegetarian or quick to make.

Living Without Books: Creative Kosher – Passover Cookbook

The Complete Passover Cookbook (Jonathan David Publishers, Inc.). AvRutick combines culinary creativity with expertise on Jewish dietary laws.

Letter: Hidden Soy Sensitivities

I just read “Sensitive to Soy” (Oct/Nov 2009), your interview with CSI: Miami’s Eva LaRue where she talks about her problems with soy. In the last five years, I’ve dealt with my own soy and now gluten issues. Eva mentioned the challenges she has eating dairy ice cream/yogurt and her sister's trouble eating chocolate.

Living Without Favorites: Drink Your Vitamins

Zola Superfruit juices and smoothies, contain super-fruit goodness for super-smooth, super-good taste that’s gluten-free and allergy friendly.

Living Without Favorites: Pamper with Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free Chocolate Treats

These gorgeous gluten-free, dairy-free chocolate treats are handmade from scratch by Gotta Eat Sweets, using pure ingredients.

Living Without Favorites: Wonder Plant – Gluten Free Protein Powder

Now Manitoba Harvest has processed these hemp seeds into a concentrated protein powder, a complete and balanced profile of amino acids that’s gluten free and allergy friendly.

Living Without Favorites: Good and Meaty: Gluten Free Meat Products

Gluten free meat products from Jones Dairy Farm.

Living Without Books: Survive Your Health Care

The Life You Save (DaCapo) may be one of the most important books you'll read this year. Author Patrick Malone, a leading medical malpractice attorney, provides vital advice about critical healthcare issues.

Living Without Books: Mother Knows Best – Food Allergy Cook Book

Lisa Lundy understands food allergies. She has anaphylactic allergies—and so does at least one of her three children.

Living Without Books: Drug-Free ADHD

Want treatment options for managing Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder that don't come from the pharmacy? Pick up Overcoming ADHD



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