gluten free fall cupcakes

Gluten-Free Harvest Cupcakes

These gluten-free fall cupcakes contain a dose of good-for-you ingredients. Enjoy them frosted as a Halloween treat or skip the frosting and eat them as breakfast muffins. The eggs cannot be replaced in this recipe.

Dairy-Free Sour Cherry Cordials

Finding dairy-free cherry cordials in the store is almost impossible so this recipe comes to the rescue. Maraschino cherries made without corn syrup, artificial flavors and colors are available from Tillen Farms and Trader Joe’s.

Gluten-Free Mini Sunflower Cups

These delicious mock peanut butter cups are full of flavor but free of gluten, dairy, eggs, peanuts and nuts.

Gluten-Free Chocolate Caramel Apples

Making caramel sauce without dairy or corn syrup is a snap. This simple caramel sauce contains only three ingredients.

Gluten-Free Halloween Guide

These gluten-free Halloween treat recipes contain real-food ingredients and are low in sugar, perfect for kids of all ages. Halloween is one of my favorite times of year. My kids love choosing costumes, making crafts and enjoying all kinds of yummy treats. The fact that they can’t eat gluten and dairy doesn’t make Halloween a bit scary. They not only survive Halloween, they thrive! Treats are a big part of Halloween.

Mocha Fudge

Fudge is an indulgence usually reserved for those who eat dairy—until now!

Monster Cookies

Monster cookies are typically made with peanut butter, wheat flour, candy, oats and eggs. This version uses crunchy sunflower seed butter, coconut flour, dairy-free and soy-free chocolate chips, shredded coconut and an egg substitute (ground chia seeds), proving that almost anything can be made allergy-friendly and healthy.

Chocolate Raspberry Candy

My husband and I have a friendly debate over whether these healthy Chocolate Raspberry Candy treats are candies or cookies. There’s no debating that they’re delicious.

Tart Strawberry Orange Jam

Homemade jam is surprisingly simple to make. This recipe makes enough to fill three 8-ounce mason jars. Store jam in the refrigerator.

Easy and Edible Gluten-Free Gifts

There’s something extra memorable and meaningful about gifts of homemade goodies. Who doesn’t love receiving from-scratch fudge, jam or cookies, especially when they’re free of gluten and major allergens? These delicious recipes make holiday giving an easy treat for you and everyone on your list. Place your homemade items in decorative food bags or boxes and tie them in colorful baker’s twine to add special warmth and appeal.


Pesto Potato Salad

Vegan Pesto Potato Salad

  Help! There’s a Vegan in My House! Keep everyone in your house happy and well fed with this delicious recipe. Potato salad gets an herbaceous makeover...
Celiac Disease and Cancer

Cancer & Celiac Disease

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"Oh, how I wish my doctors had told me about the psycho-social impact of celiac disease—social isolation, anxiety, depression. People stop inviting you to potlucks, lunch with friends, dinner celebrations and neighborhood gatherings because they don’t know how to deal with your dietary issues. Gluten Free and More helps me deal with these issues. But it really takes internal fortitude to push through the isolation and step out the front door."
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