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eating out with food allergic children

Restaurant Rules for Children with Food Allergies

More restaurants than ever are addressing the needs of special-diet customers with targeted training programs for staff, better awareness and greater availability of ingredient lists. Yet dining out remains one of the most challenging experiences for families with food-allergic and celiac children. Venturing out of the kitchen and into a restaurant can be nerve-wracking, if families do it at all. Even if parents can ensure that a particular menu item is safe–not often an easy…

Life Lessons

Dinner out always began the same way. The waiter approached the table, ready to take our order. My mother fixed her eyes on me, prompting me with a gentle but meaningful glance. And together we began our well-rehearsed explanation of my numerous food allergies. As we went over them all, milk, eggs, nuts, peanuts, shellfish, we watched him intently, searching his face for signs that he understood and could help me navigate the menu safely.



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